Vogue: It’s my choice


We would all like to believe that none of us ever judge or stereotype people, things or places. But the truth is, we all implicitly do. Psychologists would argue that we are cognitively geared to categorise things to make the world easier to navigate through. But I think, we should try and make an extra effort to break those mental barriers and categories to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I recently came to terms with acknowledging one of my own stereotypes – My ideas about the Fashion/ Beauty world and how ‘shallow’ I though it all was. Brands like Dove have surely positioned themselves to break those barriers, but Vogue in India has truly touched every woman’s heart in a way that empowers her inner soul. Traditionally, a magazine that just talked fashion, beauty and celebrity has stepped up to represent the thoughts, feelings and emotions of an Indian woman in a society that is predominantly patriarchal and sexist.

Critics (mindless traditionalists) may well argue that Indian women are too influenced by ‘western ways’ but I believe that women need be empowered with the ability to alteast make a choice. If she wants to wear a hot pink bikini with a skirt much closer to her hips than knees or drape herself from head to toe in an Indian saree, it should be only and only her choice. This fundamental thought shapes the ideology behind #Vogue Empower. Click below to watch this thought provoking video:

I am so glad that today, brands don’t just ‘sell stuff’, but in-fact stand for a profound set of values that transcends beyond hollow names wrapped in pretty logos. I probably was never the type to spend my evening coffee hours with a Vogue magazine, but you never know – Maybe now I will.

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