This little Duck

If there is one permanent magical place in this world today – it is Disneyland. I still remember going to Disneyland in Orlando and seeing all those childhood stories come to life. All those stories and characters – they all live in Disneyland. Together. It is the place where Magic truly get’s real.  Disneyland Paris… Read More This little Duck


No experience needed. Phew. Seeing that literally every job including a university level graduate program needs 2-3 years of work experience now – it’s a big relief that no work experience is needed for something atleast. And no work experience like how? Haha!     Oh Come-on! Fries and Oreo Mc Flurry could actually be… Read More McRecruitment

Building an employer brand

At Adidas, something binds everyone together beyond different functions, races, interests and sports hobbies. As the manifesto states – It’s a passion to create.   Building is the most rewarding thing about any job. Keep creating. Bob, the builder is watching & Inspiring.

The Sapeurs

Sapeurs to me is elegance, sub-cultures, colour, and hope. That’s the real story of the Sapeurs. No no, it’s not just another fashion style. ‘La Sape’ is a movement based in the Republic of Congo that has so much cultural and social richness. In most ways, they are fighters for peace. I love how Guinness… Read More The Sapeurs

Artificial Intelligence got nothin’ on Momma’s Intelligence

In the ultimate battle of #besthugs – Nothing competes with a mom’s warm hug. Not so far out in the future, we will have artificial intelligence monitor and guide us through every step of our lives – waking up, getting breakfast, scheduling things. Not too far out in the future, AI might replace mom’s thoughtful reminders… Read More Artificial Intelligence got nothin’ on Momma’s Intelligence

The 90’s style super bowl ad that blah’ed me out.

If you watched the super bowl, you’d see the spectacular site of everything new. Drones, lights, cutting edge technology ads, political issues, and a few sneak peaks into Stranger things yet to come. Amidst all of this was a ProClean ad that looked like advertising straight out of the 90’s. From an advertising era perspective,… Read More The 90’s style super bowl ad that blah’ed me out.

Cough it up this 2017

Kick that cigarette butt, really far away. A pharmacy brand in Sweden, Apotek recreated a realistic effect of a man coughing to remind people of the ills of smoking. The billboards were plugged with smoke detectors and whenever, you smoke – the man on the billboard coughs.   No more coughing, no more smoking.

The only thing we look forward to more than Santa

Christmas (Winter) is coming. That means a lot of things – Lights, Christmas trees, M&S Cookies and the other incredibly anticipated thing – The annual John Lewis Ad. Unlike the tear-shedding-tissue-box-finishing previous ads, this ad was hopeful – “One day I’ll fly away, leave all this to yesterday”.  We all need a heavy doze of… Read More The only thing we look forward to more than Santa

Insect Kill.ers.

How does an insect killer brand aka – fundamentally functional, pseudo disgusting, bring humour to the air? If a picture is equal to a thousand words, I’m not going to type anymore. Clearly, an insect killer so strong, even spiderman fell to the floor. Haha, Baygon. My friend in my darkest hours.    

Zoom Zoom: Rumbles and Space Messages

There was a time when great advertising came from the ‘West’ and the ‘East’ was just a smart-photocopying-ape. I’m happy to report that – that ‘time’ is over. Auto-mobile companies are killing it with amazing campaigns that go beyond hose-power and mileage. Infact, they have been zoom into people’s hearts and stay there. 2 amazing Japanese… Read More Zoom Zoom: Rumbles and Space Messages

What is my personal social media strategy?

I believe that everyone should take ownership of their personal brand. Much like corporate brands, you should think about your positioning, value proposition and communication strategy. I must admit, that I am learning along the way as platforms and capabilities evolve. But having an iterative strategy is key in developing your brand identity through the power… Read More What is my personal social media strategy?