The Most Interactive Catalogue Experience

My parents love IKEA so much that they assign an entire ‘sight seeing day’ to go around the store. #True Story.

For IKEA’s new catalogue, they used an experiential catalogue to take customers through an entire house. But they did not stop there. IKEA followed a young Scandinavian family’s morning routine to show how IKEA products are part of our daily lives.

The experience involves an interactive story where users can pause the video any-time to gain more information about the products in the screen and other details about the featured family. Media Monks, the production agency did a great job in making sure everyone could truly relate to the story.

To interact with the catalogue, click here.



The internet is a wonderful thing. & IKEA just made it awesome!

One thought on “The Most Interactive Catalogue Experience

  1. It’s a really cool idea and IKEA is the idea company to spearhead this campaign. But half the fun of going to IKEA is trying their delicious Swedish style food.

    I would LOVE to see them replicate that experience! :)

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