#Outdoor – Top of Mind Engagement

While we juggle through crossing busy streets and checking our beeping phones, we often subconsciously ignore outdoor ads. I think we have seen so many of them, our brains just stop processing it.


In my opinion these are 2 ads that have broken the spell of mindless advertising to actually engage with people and urge them to fill in the blanks.

1) Coca cola’s hands sharing a can – No need to say no-nothin’. We all know the perfect genius in this Ad for Coke without a Coke bottle. (P.s: This was created by a local student designer)



2) Kit Kat’s Have a break campaign – In line with their universal ‘have a break brand messaging’ to show that the painter has gone to have a break leaving the poster at the ‘perfect incomplete’.



For outdoor advertising, I guess top of mind awareness is too old school. Welcome to the world of top of mind Engagement. #outdoor-is-not-dead.

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