Dove hacks Advertising

There is an industry that has tremendous power to shape the hearts and minds of millions of people. However, there is so much more that must be done when it comes to enabling diversity and Inclusion. This industry needs a shake up and must move forward.

The industry is our favourite: Advertising.

Gone are the days where brands simply say “We are simply representing what customers want or who they want to be”. Tall, White, Fair, Thin: That is what most advertising still represents in most industries. It skews our view to we should look like or who we will be.

This has created an unending loop of an aspiration gap – aspiring to be that perfect “tall, white, fair, thin” woman that will never be completed and hence so many industries thrive just leaching off those insecurities.

More needs to be done to fulfil advertising diversity and inclusion goals. More needs to be done to measure this impact as well.

Unilever in January pledged to feature more diverse groups in its advertising, not only in front of the camera, but also with the agencies and producers it hires. More brands are slowly coming forward.

I love the “It’s on Us” Campaign because Dove is taking an active route to not just solve for themselves but for the wider industry. And more importantly, the T&C clearly states that the women in these advertising campaigns should be represented for who they truly are.

This is a brilliant move by Dove in line with their brand messaging that represents “Real Women and Real Beauty”. Infact I am a dove bird too – using their moisturising shower gel every single day. As a consumer, I will continue to support them and advocate for more women representation in our advertising industry.

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