Unstoppable Together


Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 4.47.45 PM.png

Okay, call it a soft spot, a bias or just something that I really believe in – the need of the hour for women as a community to stand together, and stand for something bigger than each individual self.

Nike is fabulous at picking up on this conversation and joining in – to stand for something bigger too: Women. Nike celebrates women in their new ad: ‘Juntas Imparables’ (Unstoppable together). 

The backdrop features just a really busy, traffic ridden city with a girl being forced in conforming to more ‘girly’ behaviours by being asked to use hair spray. She gets inspired by another girl running through the streets (read: overcoming obstacles) and joins forces with her. Before we know it – you have a herd of women running to the finish line together.

Now, many might think of this as a just group of girls running on a busy street wearing Nike shoes – but if you look deeper, there is more. The story personifies the beginning of a movement:

  1. Chasing your dreams jumping over obstacles
  2. The power of just one person breaking the norm that creates a momentum effect
  3. As a force, we can use our strengths and conquer so much more

The bottom line: We can be unstoppable together. So if you are watching from the sidelines, join the force. Don’t think twice – Just do it.






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