The 90’s style super bowl ad that blah’ed me out.

If you watched the super bowl, you’d see the spectacular site of everything new. Drones, lights, cutting edge technology ads, political issues, and a few sneak peaks into Stranger things yet to come. Amidst all of this was a ProClean ad that looked like advertising straight out of the 90’s. From an advertising era perspective,… Read More The 90’s style super bowl ad that blah’ed me out.

Cough it up this 2017

Kick that cigarette butt, really far away. A pharmacy brand in Sweden, Apotek recreated a realistic effect of a man coughing to remind people of the ills of smoking. The billboards were plugged with smoke detectors and whenever, you smoke – the man on the billboard coughs.   No more coughing, no more smoking.

Insect Kill.ers.

How does an insect killer brand aka – fundamentally functional, pseudo disgusting, bring humour to the air? If a picture is equal to a thousand words, I’m not going to type anymore. Clearly, an insect killer so strong, even spiderman fell to the floor. Haha, Baygon. My friend in my darkest hours.    

Zoom Zoom: Rumbles and Space Messages

There was a time when great advertising came from the ‘West’ and the ‘East’ was just a smart-photocopying-ape. I’m happy to report that – that ‘time’ is over. Auto-mobile companies are killing it with amazing campaigns that go beyond hose-power and mileage. Infact, they have been zoom into people’s hearts and stay there. 2 amazing Japanese… Read More Zoom Zoom: Rumbles and Space Messages