Stay Connected by Staying Disconnected

One Plus is taking over the Indian market through its ecosystem integration of devices and affordability. Infact it feels like it has taken a chapter out of the Apple playbook but managed to put a strongly localised and festive touch to its positioning.

Mira and Shahid Kapoor are well known to be a loving, family oriented couple. One Plus has captured the essence of their public relationship with a backdrop of them preparing to invite guests for a festival.

Mira is subtly showcasing the features of the TV with its seamlessly connected ecosystem including its version of Onebuds, One Plus phone, NFC cast without really explaining the features. This messaging is very ‘apple like’ while also competing for value and brand premiums with other players in the market.

Shahid really hits it home with his punch line ‘Kuch off Hai” (Something is off…). He really actually means lets switch off the TV so that we can stay connected with relatives and family.

This messaging is really unique for a business that thrives on users engaging with their devices to actually take a step back and advocate for screen downtime. Brands such as One Plus that have historically positioned themselves on price and affordability are taking their messaging to the next level by actually investing in their brand voice. It’s a good reminder for all of us to all stay connected by sometimes disconnecting.

#SeeEqual hits hard

I’ve always admired #SharetheLoad campaigns because they bring up strong social issues in a society that is still fundamentally biased towards men.

But Ariel’s #SeeEqual campaign hits hard particularly because it is not set in the tone of extremes. The couple seems respectful, honest and thoughtful – something that a lot of modern couples now experience.

Equality is such a crucial value for me personally and having been recently married, I can say that everyday me and my partner put in a lot of effort to try our best to be equal partners.

Yet, the campaign explores subtle predispositions and assumptions within the scheme of dual working couples today. For example, men reminiscing how they spent their college days with their buddies sharing the load of work together but yet once they are married – there is an assumption that perhaps that the same equality shouldn’t be demanded by a female partner.

The ad shows how the wife’s time is probably not equally valued when she had to rush to send an email. Subtle yet so real. Often overtime as the wife goes out of her way to show care, it was easily assumed that “they” will take care of it whereas it is the wife who is truly taking care of everything.

I believe that this campaign is a reminder that yes, as women we have made so much progress and now experience equality in many aspects but yet the nuances of a patriarchal mindset still exist that needs to be constantly brought to the forefront through honest and respectful conversations.

Thumbs Down to the Dream Killers

The Olympics is so much more than just playing international sports. It is a stage for people who have defied all odds, put their determination ahead of all other temptations and emerged from remote parts of the country just on the strength and mastery of their sport.

The awe inspiring campaign by Thumbs Up that has always stood out for “Toofan” with their action packed commercials stood with our athletes during the Olympics. The campaign includes Vikas Yadav (Boxer), Bajrang Punia (Wrestler), Manu Bhaker (Shooter), Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das (Archers) and the entire Indian shooting team.

The campaign urges people to give a thumbs down to all those naysayers, haters and dream killers who do nothing but comment saying “India ka kuch nahi hoga” ie. “India won’t get anywhere”.

This campaign is a tribute to all those who have a dream and fight for it every single day. I stand with Thumbs Up and our incredible athletes. #PalatDe.

Hey Mom!

Hey Mom! That’s a phrase we have all grown up saying – All our questions have been directed to Mom to help answer them all.

‘There is nothing in the world that mom doesn’t know’. Similar to the Thank You Mom Campaign that was done by P&G that connected everyone to the master brand – Google repositioned itself this year in a campaign that touched all our hearts.

There is no love like Momma’s love. Let’s make that a tap away.  ‘Google Home – Give your original helper, a little help of her own’.

In a world where most of us live away from our families, we need to take out time to stay connected with them – sometimes just telling them, thank you mom for everything you have done! <3

So to my mom – #Heymom, thank you!


Let her “slip” from your hands

Here is a cultural saying in India: “Ladki Haath se nikal jayegi” – Which means that if you don’t control her, she will slip out of your hands.

And needless to imagine, this leads to a painful slippery slope – girls are not encourged to study, not encouraged to pursue a career, instead – She is simply taught that one day she will get married and take her of her in-laws.

This cultural acceptable since decades has been a systematic reason why women are not in the running for most things including representation of women in schools, work and in leadership positions.

Mahindra Rise,  a foundation for the Mahindra conglomerate kickstarted a movement that really makes you rethink the meaning of “a girl slipping out of your hand”.

From a negative connotation, they simply twisted it to something different – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you let you girl slip from your hands and help her realise her dreams?

Having my roots in India, and my wings outside:  this story is personally quite hard hitting.

Home Alone 2.0

One of our favorite movies growing up was Home Alone. I still remember loading those DVD’s up, sitting in a circle with a group of my girlfriends and laughing so loudly at all the mischief when you are “home alone”.

I loved how Google re-created Home Alone just when the main protagonist – Macaulay Culkin is now 38 years old instead. He still seems familiar, the scenes of the house are exactly re-created and bring back a gush on nostalgic hormones running through your skin.

There is only one difference – The house is integrated with the Google Home Mini, Home Pub and Pixel Smartphone.  HA! Genius!

Memories <3

Museum Of Laundry

LG launched a series of videos in an interesting twist to Laundry stories – A museum of Laundry.

Every piece of laundry that is messed up actually leads us to eventually not use- make it a cleaning cloth – throwing away clothes. But what about the death of these clothes primarily because of poor laundry techniques?

I loved the concept of a series of laundry items that just keep getting added to almost like a museum of antiques.

The centre piece has a strong product go-to: The actual washing machine with a two part load. Let’s be honest – we separate our whites, our undergarments etc and do multiple loads. Product is on point. But the messaging – super on point too.

Diwali for it’s true emotion

Diwali is about many things – lights, sweets and family.

But most of all the true emotion of Diwali lies in lighting up other’s people lives in our own small way.  Just beyond the celebrations, it stems from a pure emotion of wishing well for everyone around you.

This Diwali, HP showcased a story of a young boy lighting up the life of the lady who actually sells those diyas. Have we ever thought about what they are possibly feeling while selling those diyas on the streets? In a beautiful story, the short film takes people on the journey of what the protagonist (the diya seller) feels and goes through during the auspicious celebrations – trying to sell diyas and get by so she can celebrate with her family as well.

HP highlighted what Diwali really stands for – no fancy parties, dinners or card games. More than anything, I just loved the essence of the festival through this storyline. This spot really did showcase Diwali for it’s true and pure emotion.

PS: I cried a little when I watched this.

Dream Crazy

“Don’t feel like you need to be anybody, to be somebody”.


Please tell me that Nike is giving you the goosies, the tiny hair on your arms standing up, feeling electrified by the tenacity of the human race and the endless obstacles that you can conquer. You ought to be feeling those things by just the power of this ad.

It’s absolutely mind blowing. It reminds me of the Apple’s – Think Different campaign: giving the highest respect to the crazy ones, the misfits, the people who changed the world.

The human race is a story of continuous victory through the pains and struggles – picking ourselves up with the greatest falls. I am inspired, truly by the meaning behind this campaign – going so much beyond shoes if at all.

Sometimes I have questioned, the power of brands and human connection.  But this campaign is a great reminder that we are all in this together – taking the human race forward.

So, “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they are crazy enough”.


We need to chat about WeChat

Slide1I have realised that we have chatted (&blogged) about so many great campaigns, trends and upcoming fab-jazz, but we still haven’t chatted enough about the biggest wave in that is being driven right here – the land where the sun rises (i.e. the East).

Here are the top 5 reason why WeChat is the mega universe of everything that defines ‘magic of your touch screen phone’ –

  1. Make instore payments through QR codes
  2. Send bitcoins to a friend
  3. Manage a personal wealth fund
  4. Pay Utility bills
  5. Check how much a product costs instore by scanning a code

PS: My favourite one that should be at the top of this list – You can book a karaoke through the app. Hello WeChat, Karaoke is my eternal weakness. Oops, did I just reveal my Kkk-Kryptonite to the world?



Unstoppable Together


Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 4.47.45 PM.png

Okay, call it a soft spot, a bias or just something that I really believe in – the need of the hour for women as a community to stand together, and stand for something bigger than each individual self.

Nike is fabulous at picking up on this conversation and joining in – to stand for something bigger too: Women. Nike celebrates women in their new ad: ‘Juntas Imparables’ (Unstoppable together). 

The backdrop features just a really busy, traffic ridden city with a girl being forced in conforming to more ‘girly’ behaviours by being asked to use hair spray. She gets inspired by another girl running through the streets (read: overcoming obstacles) and joins forces with her. Before we know it – you have a herd of women running to the finish line together.

Now, many might think of this as a just group of girls running on a busy street wearing Nike shoes – but if you look deeper, there is more. The story personifies the beginning of a movement:

  1. Chasing your dreams jumping over obstacles
  2. The power of just one person breaking the norm that creates a momentum effect
  3. As a force, we can use our strengths and conquer so much more

The bottom line: We can be unstoppable together. So if you are watching from the sidelines, join the force. Don’t think twice – Just do it.






Stains disappearing

Brands are still playing with out of home in cool, innovative ways.

Ariel created a disappearing billboard where the closer you get to the stain get’s wiped out. And once you almost get to the board, boom – the stain has gone.


arielstain1 2.jpg

In all that trunk?

What are you going to do with all that trunk? Fiat comes up with another ‘boot’in’ campaign.

The new Fiat Tipo is just the right car for you if you need a hell lot of storage space. So much so, that an entire topography just fits right in.

And let’s be clear – what can’t really fit? Volcanoes, creature, helicopters and really cool terrains.

I love the exaggeration to make a point. Probably because I believe in everything being “extra”.

Goodbye Jurassic Park. Hello, Fiat.




Follow the arches, to the place I belong

You’re on the highway.

The wind is in your hair.

You are probably listening to the good old’ songs.

Singing along.

It’s kind of a custom – you are hungry, craving for a drive through meal.

You hate to admit it – but some hot fries and a juicy cheese burger would just so perfect.

Who is watching anyway?

Come-on, it’s a ‘take me home, country road sort of feels’. You want it to be perfect and golden.

Yes baby, you want some macca’s.

But where is the sign? Those beautiful golden arches, just like the crispy golden potato parallels fried at 168 degrees celcius.

You’re cravings have been heard my friend – Mac Donalds came up with the perfect sign to take you to that place so divine. (Haha, there is a reason I’m not a poet).

Follow the arches –  to the left, to the left.

Why skittles for the Super Bowl

I might not follow the super bowl (Okay, let’s be honest – I don’t), but I do wait for the Super Bowl just as much for the best ads to come out. The super bowl is like the series I wait to release every year. (Yes, it’s the marketing nerd in me out of the closet again).

I love picking my favourite ad, and debating about which one I liked the best. But this time, it’s not just an ad, it’s a strategy that wins.

And the best part is, it is an ad that you’ll never see.

The one thing that is universal is exclusivity. Something that not everyone has that just can’t keep us stop guessing. And as for Skittles this year, Marcos Menendez is their star.

I guess, he is the only one who got the full fledged ‘taste of the rainbow’.


Co-roading with Cars and Bikes

Road Peace. Finally?

Cyclists vs cars.

Green vs pollution.

Danger vs Safety.

A lot of people want to go green, and ride bikes to work. But everyone is scared. Road safety for cyclists isn’t a thing if you don’t have separate bike lanes.

Co-existing safely on the roads was a myth. But maybe, AXA’s Smart bells might change that.

AXA created it’s first-ever “bike insurance,” – it’s basically a bell that transmits a signal through car radios to alert drivers about approaching bicycles. Therefore, keeping cyclists safe even over the loud Spotify playlists that is playing in the car.

Seems like cycles are heading in the right direction > 15 km/hour.

Even an asshole can save a life

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.01.10 AM.png


Genereally any good cause organisation that is focused on social service, charity or collecting donations is focused on displaying the good side of humanity – going after the assumption that human beings are fundamentally good people.

The core narrative follows:

IF you are good, THEN you will do something good for society.

However, Donate a Life ( broke that narrative and took a spin on the story:

The narrative follows a guy named Coleman who does possibly the worst things anyone could do in their day to day life – throw other people’s laundry on the floor, barge into women’s toilets, steal candy from kids on halloween, drink and drive and even shout at an old grandma who takes time to cross the road.

Like, literally the worst kind of a human that could possibly exist.

But inspite of everything, Coleman did one thing right – Register to donate his organs.

The video shows real impact of what that means – helping so many different people –  a father, a young girl, a teenage boy and ironically even his neighbour.

So the question is this –

If even an asshole as big as Coleman can save lives, why can’t you?

Instagram Stories are Snappin’ away

Bottom Line -> # of daily active users for Instagram stories > Snapchat

Snapchat = 158 million

Instagram stories = 200 million

Lesson -> A Fast follower strategy should never be undermined.

See a huge wave, learn to ride it. Or be sure to drown under it.

After Snap Inc. went through with their exciting IPO, reports revealed that Snapchat’s growth slowed 82% since the launch of Instagram stories. That’s a massive correlation.

It’s exciting to watch the battle between Snapchat and Instagram as they fight it out over disappearing  content.

From a revenue standpoint as well, Snapchat probably needs to level up since it is still not ramped up to serve brands from a data and tracking standpoint.

In a marketers world, where data is gold,  I’d say Snapchat better get to some digging.

Full disclosure: I am still a Snapchat loyalist. It’s a private network with my closest buds who I am excited to share my daily adventures with.

Yet, I can’t help but watch from the corner of my eye the powerful network effects Instagram stories has been able to create in such a short time.

I can feel the platform calling me -> And I am almost tempted to abandon my Snapchat mission and sail the Instagram Stories ship.


Your phone is now a refugee’s phone

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.00.39 AM.pngTo help increase awareness about the Refugee Crisis – BBC Media Action took an immersive, super engaging approach:

Converting your phone to a refugee’s phone to help people realise what it is actually like to be in the shoes (should I say, hands?) on a refugee fleeing from a war torn country.

The video blows up into a full screen vertical video that uses the simplest of everyday functionalities to convey a message so proud: We are all just the same, do the same things and want the same things.

By getting pings from ‘Dad’ who was concerned about ‘you’ / the protagonist – BBC Media Action humanised the entire experience though everyday technology.

GPS location: 29 degrees NE. I had chills.

Burger King is Bold and Flamin’


Burger King is back in the game. And this time not in just a smokin’ way, instead in a flaming comeback.

In an amazing set of print ads, Burger King showed actual images of stores on fire – reiterating that their burgers are always tasty, juicy because they use real flames.

While most PR talk would insist to shy away from things that have been ‘negative’, Burger King took the bold step to actually turn that into something they are (in a rather quirky way), proud of.

No matter what, they wouldn’t compromise on their style of making some flaming, juicy grill burgers. Even if sometimes it leads to their own stores burning down.

The truth remains: bold is always beautiful.

The 90’s style super bowl ad that blah’ed me out.

If you watched the super bowl, you’d see the spectacular site of everything new.

Drones, lights, cutting edge technology ads, political issues, and a few sneak peaks into Stranger things yet to come.

Amidst all of this was a ProClean ad that looked like advertising straight out of the 90’s. From an advertising era perspective, literally regressing 100 years in time.

The marketing nerd in me was enjoying all those creative – awe inspiring ads and Uhhgghh: ProClean. -_- (Even Don Draper would be disappointed, trust me).

For the most part, Bill Nye, the science guy – played the typical mad scientist role that people were apparently suppose to love and get all nostalgic about. Well, that wasn’t me. Neither was I feeling the ebbieess about how we did those ‘magical’ (not) advertising campaigns 20 years ago.

ProClean’s spot was a buzz kill for me. Uninspiring, lame and just so wannabe.

Impact on people’s lives: I’d say negative. 

How Super is the Super Bowl?

super-bowl-patriots-2015How Super is the Super Bowl? Well, super enough for a 1 hour game to last for 4 hours.

That means – loads of ads. Ads that cost $5 million for 30 seconds of airtime. That’s 30 seconds of intense eyeballs. 30 seconds of a make or break show. And 30 seconds that cost you a whole lot of $$$$.

Every brand aspires that one day – it will be able to afford to spend those dollars. But is it really all that?

The question is: Do these actually help sell product or create lasting brand awareness?

Bill Coontz from the Dalton Agency has his opinions, and I’d say strong ones. Bill believes the answer is a resounding no, especially considering consumers’ fleeting attention span.

A study by marketing data science company Genesis Media found that 90 percent of consumers aren’t likely to buy something they saw advertised during the Super Bowl. The reason? Brand metrics such as “favorability” or “recall” don’t result in purchases for products featured in Super Bowl ads.

Maybe that’s why Kraft Heinz is spent millions of dollars this year on a single spot that won’t sell one ounce of ketchup. The brand is running a $5 million ad to let us know that they’re giving all 42,000 of their salaried employees Super Bowl Monday off. (A company memo would have been about $4,997,900 cheaper.)

Is it corporate good will or a PR ploy? It doesn’t matter, because it’s generating millions in earned media, and it’s a great example of how brands are thinking differently about creative ideas, tactics and execution.

Are times changing?

It is also a sign of the changing times. For the last few years, the strategic execution of Super Bowl ads has changed from a one-time event on Super Bowl Sunday, to using an ad as a springboard to launch integrated digital and social media campaigns. Research from last year’s Super Bowl suggested that Super Bowl ads in 2016 generated as much as $10M in incremental exposure for advertisers.

Some brands go overboard on concept, like Mercedes-Benz, which last year relocated its N. American headquarters to Atlanta. The venerable luxury car brand hired The Coen Brothers to direct an “Easy Rider” themed Super Bowl spot featuring Peter Fonda. That’s easily an eight-figure budget for an ad that, if the studies are accurate, won’t sell many cars.

What about brand awareness?

So does that mean that Super Bowl ads are all about brand awareness? Not really. A full 75 percent of respondents from the Genesis Media study said they couldn’t remember ads from the previous year.

Advertising technology company Fluent surveyed 1,600 Super Bowl watchers in 2015 to test the effects of five first-time ads, finding that the average “brand lift” – whether viewers could recall advertisers after their first Super Bowl ad – was just 12.7 percent.

That’s not an ROI that many brands can readily justify, and the main reason why the Super Bowl will remain the ultimate arena for the advertising budget haves and have-nots.

The final verdict:

ROI, Product Sales – No

If you integrate the campaign as part of gripping 360 degree, well executed campaign using the super bowl as a spring board – Probably Yes.

Is it the best bang for your buck – I’d say, probably not.

This article was written in collaborate with Bill Coontz from the Dalton Agency. 

Bill brings large agency-management experience to the Dalton Agency.  Bill’s 25 years of advertising experience include work for many domestic and global brands, including United Healthcare, Optum, 3M, Cargill, General Mills, Kraft and Ameriprise. Bill has also served two terms as president of the Advertising and Marketing International Network (AMIN).

That’s not fair. BNB.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 11.05.56 AM.png

We are sometimes so disconnected from the truth. It’s like almost a shell that we create around ourselves. A bubble where everything is fantastic, beautiful and full of our petty little problems.

‘Solidarité Grands Froids’ (Solidarity in the Great Cold), an organization defending the interests of the homeless launched a website to spread awareness of the day to day reality of homeless people.

It’s an effort to expose and demonstrate a sight that you may not see everyday – to strike a cord of authentic empathy.

I feel uncomfortable about how closely they have ‘ripped’ what AirBnB looks like, but nonetheless – it does convey a powerful message.

Everytime you hit ‘book’ – you donate money to the organisation – a meaningful way of demonstrating the exact cause your money is going towards.


0 or 1: The two kinds of people.

Zomato is like the trip advisor of food. It provides information about restaurants, ratings and recommendations.


In a super witty campaign, they pledge that there are two kinds of people. It’s hyper relatable, funny and true.

Although there is no clear call to action or tag line – it sends a message that no matter what’s your type, Zomato will give you enough information to make the right choice about food. As they say, never have a bad meal.

I’ll share my type too. What’s yours?


Pizza: I’m the one on the left 


Fries: I’m the one of the left



Chocolate: I’m the one on the right. 


Dinner: I’m on the left. 


Metabolism: Let’s not talk about it. I’m cursed.  LOL. 



Girls, Cars & Audis.

Boys = Blue and Girls = Pink. Since childhood, we assume sharp gender roles for boys and girls and any deviation is looked down up.

Hint, Hint: I grew up playing  WWF cards and beyblades.

Girls and Cars can be used in the same sentence – without a negative connotation.

Audi hit it’s top spin when it launched a thought provoking story set in the back stage of a toy store. A Barbie racing F1 drivers in her wonderful Audi. Zip. Zip. Zip.

Boys = Cars? Let’s change that equation. Let’s change the game.



The man who kept runnin’in’ing

My heart always goes out to Kevin Hart.

He’s cool, funny and perfect for Nike.

Nike launched a series of youtube videos about a story of a man who kept running. I love this because it’s something that is catching up so quickly – a series of small clips tied together to make a story.

Most of the times, we just binge watch these multiple clips – but if we ever see a 40 minute youtube video, you can pause the though of # of views, right there.

Kevin Hart introduces Apple Watch Nike+’s features and functionality in a hyper animated way (what else were we expecting? Haha). You go along with him on a journey about survival (fancy much) and running to save himself.

Branding: 4/5

Product Placement: 3/5

Humour and engagement: 10/5





If you were wondering what Mr. Hart was upto?

Well, he was working on his beard. Haha.

Cough it up this 2017

Kick that cigarette butt, really far away.

A pharmacy brand in Sweden, Apotek recreated a realistic effect of a man coughing to remind people of the ills of smoking.

The billboards were plugged with smoke detectors and whenever, you smoke – the man on the billboard coughs.


No more coughing, no more smoking.

I want to break free.

“And oh, the things that keep us steady:

Sometimes they are teddy’s.

Sometimes they are shoes.

That remind you of your moves”

Adidas created a powerful commercial that definitely makes you feel lost for words. The grit in the video didn’t need words to share one simple thing – Never take away something that someone lives, breathes and runs for.

The story is of an old man – perhaps in a care home, lost and sad. There is one thing that he seems to cherish of his younger days – sports. The one companion throughout all those times was a pair of Adidas shoes.

No branding, no spanking new shoes. Just a pair of dirty, old shoes that lightens up his face.

The video leaves it up-to your imagination to piece the story together. But it sure as hell has one ending – running into the wild and breaking free.

No more head eggs

Let’s stop growing eggs on our heads. How many times do we wake up and push through our days with headaches?


Tylenol in Korea did a chicken’ed up commercial with a man walking around with an egg on his head that eventually grows into a fat, heavy chicken.

While the concept might sound strange to you – the video went viral with 10 million views in the first 2 days.

I really loved how they brought in cultural nuances like – men don’t have pills for headaches. However, this leads to horrid days, being ignorant at work and wasting time in meetings.

Kaboom – the light shines on the protagonist and boom! His head-egg bursts. Humorous end to a rather dramatic story.

Have a headache and getting fried? Korean fry chicken it away with Tylenol.

The yawn Christmas video

As much as Christmas is a time for celebration and travel, Honda just slowed my mood down with their new ‘online Christmas sleigh’ where you can watch christmas candy & snow in 360 degrees.

If Honda was about speed, this would have moved a lot faster.

If Honda was about brand character, the surroundings would have been exciting and engaging with snow fights.

If Honda was about technology, this would have been way more sophisticated experience.

But clearly, Honda’s agency is about ‘riding the next big way’ ’cause that’s the cool thing to do.

I’d suggest you don’t watch this video, but I’m purposely posting this before bedtime so we all get some good yawns before hitting the sack.

You owe your beauty sleep to me now, folks!


Instagram’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ In <3 Again

Bacardi did it again. Except this time – they got their Swag on 10x.

Introducing BBDO + Facebook’s Creative shop ‘pure genius’ dish…


  • 1 tablespoon Instagram’s current stories feature
  • 10 ounces of creativity
  • A dash of magic


The Dish:


You tap on Bacardi logo on the left and the right, you can skip back and forth and make your own set.

I love this campaign because it is not only creative and relevant but also highly engaging. Engagement is something brands have struggled with in terms of platforms and placement. Clearly, that is changing now.

Sure enough, ‘Pure Genius’ is everyone’s sweet tooth now.


The catastrophic end to…

There is a new definition of ‘lifeline’.

It’s called data.

Life without the internet is clearly no life at all., a newly launched virtual telco made people’s heart beat stop when they cut out the ending of some super funny viral videos because ‘Data limit exceeded’.

It’s so simple, but it surely made me hit their website and consider switching to them.

A Coke for Christmas

Giving is a sentiment that should be most associated with the holiday season.

It’s good to always be reminded what Christmas is really all about and Coke did it in it’s super small, cute way – a boy going around the neighbourhood giving people a bottle of Coke.

Santa Claus got a gift too. I wonder why no one thinks about him?

Apple’s painful commercial.

Rarely, do I use the harsh word – ‘painful’ to describe a commercial.

But this one was so dragged that every additional second seemed like a ‘light’ year away. (To get the pun, watch the video below)


“Hey siri, what happened to Apple’s inspiring commercials?”

“Sorry, I didn’t get that”

Well, clearly.

xx typed on a mac book xx



SOTP Texting & Drivin’

Texting and driving is a complete NO, NO.

Yet, so many people are obsessed with the new ping on i-message. Who could it possibly be? :smirks:

Mitsubishi came up with a smart way to convey the message – spelling errors because you can’t focus while driving.

Moral of the story: Don’t endanger lives. Let’s all SOTP texting while driving.


The free store.

Once upon a time,

There was a store – where everything was simply FREE.

Take what you want, the store said.



No one could manage to take anything.


Everything was stuck with Fevicol – the #1 adhesive solution.

So, everyone lived happily ever after? Well, you decide.

The end.






11 minutes of non-smoking

What can you do with a sum total of 11 minutes?

Good question.

If you are curious to know – trade in a cigarette and discover how much you can gain in precisely those 11 minutes.



Campaigns have always made smokers feel guilty and miserable, Aetna simply shows them a better, happier alternative.

Trade it in. All in.

Insect Kill.ers.

How does an insect killer brand aka – fundamentally functional, pseudo disgusting, bring humour to the air?

If a picture is equal to a thousand words, I’m not going to type anymore.


Clearly, an insect killer so strong, even spiderman fell to the floor.
Haha, Baygon. My friend in my darkest hours.



You will always be my baby

Sometimes, you wish somethings never changed. Sometimes, you wish people never grew up. I feel that towards my sister, who will always be my baby. And I suppose, parenting would give you similar Dejavu moments when you realise time passed so fast and suddenly your kids are all grown up.

Ikea tapped into this beautiful ‘pause, and reflect’ moment. The universal emotion of a mom watching her son suddenly grow up and ready to move out of the house, even if it is just ‘around the corner’.

The campaign is subtle, yet so powerful. To think about it – even furniture brands are now integrating so much raw emotion into their products. They are sharing real, authentic and relatable everyday stories.

A fantastic piece of work that effortlessly integrates with the brand. Wish we could keep somethings small forever…

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 8.48.59 AM.png


How not to corrupt Snapchat (from a 22 year old)


Snap, Snap, Snap – everyone is taking about leveraging Snapchat as a new platform: What can brands do? How do we change the game? While all these rather enlightening discussions are going around the internet, I thought I will make a gentle plea to the advertising world about how to not corrupt Snapchat.

Also, 60% of Snapchat’s audience is Millennials, so it wouldn’t hurt to get a 22 year old’s perspective on it.

3 ways to prevent corrupting Snapchat:

1. Don’t be perfect:

We all know that Snapchat stories can’t be pre-created and uploaded. You need to hit ‘record’ and that’s it. There are not fancy editing possibilities and neither is your logo going to appear on the top right. The truth is, you are going to end up with  fuzzy-unstable-video and that is okay. Infact, that is perfect. We look for imperfect (aka authentic content) so please, don’t give us beautified (=fake) content.

2. Don’t be a brand: 

This might sounds fundamentally different from what you do on your day to day job. But hold on, this sounds about right. Snapchat (unlike most other platforms) is still unadulterated. We want friends, not brands. You might be like, sure – brands are friends on facebook, twitter etc. so how is Snapchat  different? Well, cause the choice to engage with you completely lies in our hands. We don’t get brand updates on our news feed that we ‘see, but can scroll past’. On Snapchat, we will even choose ‘if we want to see  your content.’ So if I  don’t see you as a friend, I won’t care about you. Do stuff that friends do – post stupid videos, update us on pranks you play in the office and give us  some behind the scenes sneak peaks about how your everyday lives look like.

3. Don’t offer offers:

No, we are not money-less. So no, don’t push your buy one get one free offers on us via Snapchat. I have seen brands be like – here, poor kids, look at this wannabe groupon deal, take a screenshot (whohoo) and come to the store to redeem it (followed by a forced cool smile). We care about experiences, and humor. So yes, I will watch random Starbucks employees wear a banana costume and ‘go bananas’ while making coffee -> go to Starbucks on my way home 5 days later rather than see a Snapchat deal and run to the store for the ‘limited validity offer’.

Snapchat is not a ‘new channel’ for the ‘same old content’. It is a ‘new channel’ for a new  ‘form of (authentic) content’. So unless you have your content-channel fit sorted, please don’t embark on a corrupting your Snapchat journey. As I said, no one will care cause that’s just lame af. 


Brands create powerful videos by sharing real stories. But Ariel goes one step further with by connecting something that every person has grown up playing (“Ghar Ghar”) and matching it to life’s reality.

We might brag about equality in the work place (promotion, pay) etc. but the true question is – is there equality in the house?

Never thought a clothes washing brand had the power to create content that moved people across the globe. Let’s not be scared to bring up social issues through powerful content. Living on the edge, is not always clean, but does have it’s perks.

Watch the video below:


Unilever, Lies & Kodaikanal


Underestimating the power of an online revolt through social media is a mistake no one can afford to make any-more. ‘Kodaikanal won’t’ is a campaign that is a petition against Unilever for failing to clean up mercury contamination or compensate workers affected by its thermometer factory in Kodaikanal, India.

The rap adapted by Niki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ has gone viral with more than 2 million views. I am of the firm belief that in this super transparent interconnected world, PR teams and corporations can’t hide under their fake parachutes.

Watch the full video here:

Ofcourse, like any other story – Unilever claims that extensive studies to prove otherwise (with no transparency) while independent auditors, health safety engineers and health experts have solid proof to refute these claims.

From a company that doesn’t miss an opportunity to beat their Corporate Social Responsibility drum, here we were, waiting for a better ending.

Airbnb: Belong Anywhere


AirBnb has a unique value proposition: Explore different cultures and make your travel more interesting.

While a lot of people might resort to Airbnb because it is ‘cheaper’ than a hotel, Airbnb is clearly trying to move up the value chain to provide something more profound – An experience.

#Mankind is a campaign that urges people to not just be wanderers but also believers. Believe that people will have a great experience by meeting new people, getting to know their cultures and trusting that they will have a great time.

Watch the full campaign video here:

Let’s all go look through people’s windows and understand their views. I believe in man’s kindness. Do you?

Movie in a Pizza

The one experience that is universal is friends + cheap pizza + horror movie. Almost like a match made in heaven, one without the other seems incomplete.

Pizza Hut came up with a strategy to convert the empty (read: useless) pizza boxes into movie projectors to in order to re-live that experience:

Design thinking might be a buzzword, but it surely is an apt way of describing the innovation that came out of a simple pizza box.

Bold is Beautiful

If ads were steak, this one would be very well done.

‘The visit’, an advertising piece created by Ogilvy&Mather  for an online fashion portal, Myntra has created a lot of buzz by taking a positive stance for LGBT rights. Although this is not the first local brand standing up for LGBT rights in India, it is most definitely one of the most beautiful and polished ads.

“We tried to avoid the stereotypes associated with gay people. There was no one woman looking more masculine or feminine in the film. We tried to give it a candid feel like it is any other couple being apprehensive about meeting the parents,” Avishek Ghosh, co-partner of Hectic Content, the production house that made the film, told the Times of India.

Beautiful isn’t it? After this, even your preferences might shift to ‘very well done’.

I-Scream for Ice-Cream


I am currently spending half a month in New Zealand and can swear that their ice-creams are divine. Personally, I have become quite a fan of Tip-Tip – a popular ice-cream brand here in NZ. We are know the age old trick – Ice Cream makes everyone happy and happy people are more likely to give into your demands.

Tip – Top reinvented this hypothesis to create Yes Sticks – customised for different requests, addressed to different people. Eat into the ice-cream and once you are all happy, find the question to which you should (if you are a little bit nice) – say Yes to!  People requested for all sorts of things – borrowing a car to asking someone’s hand.

Watch this cute-fuzzy-ice-cream-video here:

Simple idea, but a 7% increase in market share. Yes, Happiness = Ice Cream. Just watch out for the end :)

#Texts from Mom

Some ads blow your mind and some just make you smile in the that’s-so-cute way. We all have had encounters with our mother’s encounters with technology. To be fair, I think mom’s really try quite hard.

Samsung re-created this memory urging everyone to call their moms on Mother’s day by reminding us of some of the most peculiar text communication habits of our mothers.

Zoom Zoom: Rumbles and Space Messages


There was a time when great advertising came from the ‘West’ and the ‘East’ was just a smart-photocopying-ape. I’m happy to report that – that ‘time’ is over.

Auto-mobile companies are killing it with amazing campaigns that go beyond hose-power and mileage. Infact, they have been zoom into people’s hearts and stay there. 2 amazing Japanese and Korean car companies – Honda and Hyundai are redefining marketing in the car industry.

1) Honda: The Sound of Honda

Honda recreated history when they brought Ayrton Senna’s (the Formula One Racing Legend) fastest lap to life. The engine sound was re-created by combining Senna’s driving data collected from 1989. Hundreds of networked speakers and LED lights were placed along the race line to bring back Senna’s fastest lap. To me, this is one of the most beautiful and surreal moments that advertising ever created.

2) Hyundai : A Message From Space

Hyundai delivered a message to a little girl’s father… in space. 11 Hyundai Genesis were used to replicate the Huston girl’s message in her own handwriting for her father to see. The “The largest tire track image” is something her dad will surely cherish for the rest of his life.