Like new, new? #pixelish

Full Disclosure: My Iphone and I are in a committed relationship. But when I saw the new launch video of the Pixel, I found myself winking at that hot guy that just walked by. (so #pixelish)

Phones are functional, but some aspirational. Brands do that to products. <3

As a consumer, I don’t think that Google really thought much of their brand a few years ago. Their products spoke for themselves and the adoption curve has been exponential. But with the Nexus et. al, the ‘sex appeal’ of the Iphone was missing. I think that’s changing now.

Introducing, the pixel.

The new, new phone in the market.

3.5mm headphone jack, satisfyingly not new.

Cheeky, eh? Who knew?

Check out the launch video below:




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