Burn dat’ ad.

One of the bravest brands out there is Burger King. When it comes to stretching the limits of innovative marketing and reinventing themselves consistently – my vote will always go to Burger King.

They took things to another level this time – by using augmented reality to wait for it – Burn Ads from the BigM. Apparently, McDonalds had their out of home ads everywhere, so instead of competing on expensive out of media space, Burger King earned love by getting people to download their app, have an interactive experience and generating a ton of earned media. Sneaky? Yes. Brave? Yes. Smart? Yes.

Guess that Mc Donalds ain’t loving it no more.

Work Life Balance

Monster.com – the job portal site has nailed down on one key use case why people should consider changing jobs.

Work-Life Balance. 

What I loved was taking a specific use case and exaggerating it to a humorous level – a use that that is beyond the generic narrative. It’s no longer about changing jobs because of a bad boss or career growth or more money. It’s about changing your life to give more time to other dimensions such as relationships.

This awesome spot demonstrates how consumed you might get in office that the solution to all problems is perhaps – following best practices, more 1:1s, team building activities.

I have literally watched this 15 times and laughed ever since. (Hint: It’s probably because I talk like this at home too.)


This little Duck

If there is one permanent magical place in this world today – it is Disneyland. I still remember going to Disneyland in Orlando and seeing all those childhood stories come to life.

All those stories and characters – they all live in Disneyland. Together. It is the place where Magic truly get’s real. 

Disneyland Paris shares the story of a ducking that also is inspired by all those Donald Duck stories growing up as we were. Seeing Donald Duck in real life – it’s eyes lit up. So adorable!!

You know the one thing I always say – Gotta turn up your magical <3

Love this spot so much. The child in my is thrilled.



No experience needed. Phew.

Seeing that literally every job including a university level graduate program needs 2-3 years of work experience now – it’s a big relief that no work experience is needed for something atleast.

And no work experience like how? Haha!




Oh Come-on! Fries and Oreo Mc Flurry could actually be a great innovative combination. Trust me, I know.

Midnight Crisis

Levels of Hunger:

Level 0: Sort of Hungry

Level 1: Really Hungry

Level 2: Hangry

Level 3: Midnight Crisis

So, What happens in the middle of the night when you are getting “hangry” and it sort of  starts feeling like a midnight CRISIS? Well, food better be on it’s way.  And fast.

Dominos has some outdoor billboards to remind us that when you are in the midst of a midnight crisis, Pizza’s should be at your door before you know it.


Dominos – Saving lives, at-least until 4am :)


Walmart of the future (is here)

Remember all those things they were saying about how tradition retail can’t disrupt the amazon’s of the world. Well, there are a few bold ones that know that they need to evolve. And evolving, they are.

Walmart is rebuilding it’s business model to cater for groceries of the future – a cross between the online and offline world – The new drive through, if you will.

Order online, Zoom in and pick up your groceries for the evening. Zoom and then boom!

What’s amazing is reinventing yourself requires courage but also needs a voice. You need people to know that you are here – integrating with the future. What better way to do it then, use the most famous cars that we have all grown up watching?

Scooby Doo, Flintstones, Jurassic Park, Transformers – You watch them and the 70s, 80s or 90s kid in you is strong and alive.

Walmart isn’t building for the 18 year olds of today, Walmart is building for everybody else – people who are between “I want to see what is coming to my door step” but “I could use the convenience of technology if it can save me time”.

Not only do I love this campaign, Kudos for Walmart as a business for bravely reinventing itself AND putting itself out there with a message that clearly I will never forget.

Zoom. Boom. Bam.

Let her “slip” from your hands

Here is a cultural saying in India: “Ladki Haath se nikal jayegi” – Which means that if you don’t control her, she will slip out of your hands.

And needless to imagine, this leads to a painful slippery slope – girls are not encourged to study, not encouraged to pursue a career, instead – She is simply taught that one day she will get married and take her of her in-laws.

This cultural acceptable since decades has been a systematic reason why women are not in the running for most things including representation of women in schools, work and in leadership positions.

Mahindra Rise,  a foundation for the Mahindra conglomerate kickstarted a movement that really makes you rethink the meaning of “a girl slipping out of your hand”.

From a negative connotation, they simply twisted it to something different – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you let you girl slip from your hands and help her realise her dreams?

Having my roots in India, and my wings outside:  this story is personally quite hard hitting.

Home Alone 2.0

One of our favorite movies growing up was Home Alone. I still remember loading those DVD’s up, sitting in a circle with a group of my girlfriends and laughing so loudly at all the mischief when you are “home alone”.

I loved how Google re-created Home Alone just when the main protagonist – Macaulay Culkin is now 38 years old instead. He still seems familiar, the scenes of the house are exactly re-created and bring back a gush on nostalgic hormones running through your skin.

There is only one difference – The house is integrated with the Google Home Mini, Home Pub and Pixel Smartphone.  HA! Genius!

Memories <3

X out Fake News

Spread Joy, Not Rumors.

Taking social responsibility and educating everyone about how fake news spreads so rapidly is so important. Many times, we don’t realise that we are part of the system that fuels the fire.

I believe that Whatsapp India took the bold move to be deliberate in their communication to stop the spread of fake news. Be like Kavya who helps people understand that if that content didn’t originate from you, it is important to validate it before sharing it.

In a world where forwards happen with just a click of a button, we all have to take up more responsibility to ensure that these channels of communication remain clean and reliable.

I really enjoyed the pace of the creative and messaging – “Spread Love, not Rumors” hits the nail on the head with a strong social message in a fun and relatable delivery (remember the times, people in white suits would preach us about the right ways of life?)

Museum Of Laundry

LG launched a series of videos in an interesting twist to Laundry stories – A museum of Laundry.

Every piece of laundry that is messed up actually leads us to eventually not use- make it a cleaning cloth – throwing away clothes. But what about the death of these clothes primarily because of poor laundry techniques?

I loved the concept of a series of laundry items that just keep getting added to almost like a museum of antiques.

The centre piece has a strong product go-to: The actual washing machine with a two part load. Let’s be honest – we separate our whites, our undergarments etc and do multiple loads. Product is on point. But the messaging – super on point too.

Diwali for it’s true emotion

Diwali is about many things – lights, sweets and family.

But most of all the true emotion of Diwali lies in lighting up other’s people lives in our own small way.  Just beyond the celebrations, it stems from a pure emotion of wishing well for everyone around you.

This Diwali, HP showcased a story of a young boy lighting up the life of the lady who actually sells those diyas. Have we ever thought about what they are possibly feeling while selling those diyas on the streets? In a beautiful story, the short film takes people on the journey of what the protagonist (the diya seller) feels and goes through during the auspicious celebrations – trying to sell diyas and get by so she can celebrate with her family as well.

HP highlighted what Diwali really stands for – no fancy parties, dinners or card games. More than anything, I just loved the essence of the festival through this storyline. This spot really did showcase Diwali for it’s true and pure emotion.

PS: I cried a little when I watched this.

Nest Away in tunes


An upcoming property rental portal in India came up with a rather quirky way of positioning their value proposition: Paying for a home vs allowing your children to pursue their hobbies.


I thought it was a great spin to an otherwise, very boring message. We are moving to a rented economy which frees resources that can be used for so many other things like paying for your own and your family’s hobbies. We are an experience economy and the music teacher’s take on it was just funny and truly drives the point home.





UX Design be like (Guest Post)


When the iPhone came along and made touchscreen-led mobile browsing truly mainstream, it was a fatal blow to the horribly-complex desktop websites of yesteryear. You might be able to get away with a dense and almost-unintelligible layout on a big screen, but it simply won’t fly on a pocketable device.

And it’s really Apple’s approach to design that has shaped the internet of today.

We all know now that usability is among the biggest factors when you’re trying to keep a user around, particularly on the smallest screens, and minimalism has become the name of the game in the user experience (UX) community.

But what does a good minimalist UX look like, exactly? What do top brands like Google, Apple and Microsoft get right more often than not? Let’s break it down.

An Ocean of Negative Space…

Negative space (also sometimes known as white space) is a catch-all term for the empty space between page elements, and if you go by sheer coverage, it’s the biggest part of every UX journey. It’s the canvas on which the internet is painted.

Back before everyone understood the importance of negative space, websites were built by technical experts with no appreciation of good design. They were packed with functions, stats, information and stylistic flourishes, and nothing had any room to breathe. As such, if you didn’t know exactly what to expect from a website, you weren’t going to have much luck using it.

Thankfully, standards caught up with user requirements, and now any website that doesn’t space out its content is just asking for a high bounce rate and low search rankings. Check the lead image: Google knows you’re there to do a search, so it gives you a search bar and a couple of buttons. That’s it. No filler. No distractions. (They’ve learned a lot from Apple over the years…)

…Dotted With Jewels…

You’re ready to design your website, and you have so many design elements to choose from. There are banners, buttons, paragraphs, tables, drop-down menus, links, slideshows, videos, animations and more. But minimalism demands harsh criteria: if something doesn’t add serious value to a page, it doesn’t get included.

Are you on a product page? Something style-centric like a watch or an item of clothing? Then sure, include a glossy high-resolution product image that dominates the page. It warrants the space. Otherwise, get it out of the way. It’s just taking up space, slowing the page speed down, and detracting from the worthwhile content.

Remember that the X stands for ‘experience’, and you need to deliver an experience that’s good within the context of the purpose of your website. If a user shows up looking for information and they get pretty images, they won’t find them too helpful. Every single section of your site should be something the user wants to be there.

…And Built Around Delivery.

There’s a solid reason behind every intentional website visit. We go to ecommerce sites to order products, forums to discuss topics, news sites to learn about what’s going on, and image sites to look at nice landscapes and dream of beach vacations. With millions of websites available, a site either delivers on its promise or loses your attention.

That’s why the best possible minimalist website does one of two things in every single fragment of its user journey:

1 – Deliver what the user wants.

2 – Deliver a clear route to what the user wants.


It’s very simple, but that doesn’t stop plenty of websites getting stuck wheeling out vanity features and thinking they can dictate what the users want to see. They can’t. It doesn’t work. The moment the user can’t see what they’re looking for or how to reach it, they’ll give up and head elsewhere.

Templates Make Minimalism Easy

Minimalist UX design is difficult to perfect, absolutely, but it’s also incredibly easy to implement well because it isn’t often about adding things— it’s mostly about leaving them out. If you have a website that’s lacking a really important feature, then yes, you’ll need to add it, but otherwise you can move towards minimalism by simply stripping away anything that isn’t needed.

If you don’t even have a website yet, then it’ll be even easier for you because of the proliferation of pre-built templates. You can start setting up a web boutique through a store builder and go live with a free minimalist theme that provides all the functionality you need, or throw together a basic site and pick from numerous great WP theme options that will barely need configuring if you’d rather not put in much design work.

Minimalism isn’t just a must-have design approach for the user— it’s also a massive time-saver for the designer, and a technical win for SEO and web hosting. There’s no good reason not to migrate your UX efforts to a more minimalist standard, so make sure every feature you include fully deserves its place and you’ll quickly achieve greater levels of user engagement.

A huge thank you to Patrick Faster who wrote this Mooketing exclusive Guest Post.

Patrick Foster is a writer and ecommerce expert from Ecommerce Tips — an industry-leading ecommerce blog that offers practical marketing advice so your online store receives the exposure it deserves. Check out the latest posts on Twitter @myecommercetips

Dream Crazy

“Don’t feel like you need to be anybody, to be somebody”.


Please tell me that Nike is giving you the goosies, the tiny hair on your arms standing up, feeling electrified by the tenacity of the human race and the endless obstacles that you can conquer. You ought to be feeling those things by just the power of this ad.

It’s absolutely mind blowing. It reminds me of the Apple’s – Think Different campaign: giving the highest respect to the crazy ones, the misfits, the people who changed the world.

The human race is a story of continuous victory through the pains and struggles – picking ourselves up with the greatest falls. I am inspired, truly by the meaning behind this campaign – going so much beyond shoes if at all.

Sometimes I have questioned, the power of brands and human connection.  But this campaign is a great reminder that we are all in this together – taking the human race forward.

So, “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they are crazy enough”.


Measure your content Marketing


You’ve got a whole bunch of awesome content. People are commenting and liking your posts in hordes. You’ve figured that using cute cats in anything you write is well received. You start to wonder what your life would have been if you were a cat instead. Oh, distractions! You snap back into thinking about great content and wonder what’s the real impact of all this effort, all these likes and these cat memes.

Content marketing is an integral part of the marketing mix. As it continues to be able to demonstrate the value on business outcomes, it becomes a heavier and heavier investment.

To create content that people love and enjoy is probably the most important metric. But beyond that, how do you understand the value that it is driving for your business? What is a framework to think about the effectiveness about content marketing? What are the right metrics to use?

Goodbye likes and shares, hello pirate metrics.

I love the pirate metrics because it is so easy to understand, so intuitive and just badass.

Assuming you have setup all the right UTM tracking, let’s deep dive into the framework that I believe works for everyone – AAR (just like the pirates say it).

(A) Acquisition

How do your customers find you? How do they know about you? How do they end up subscribing to your future content? It’s the beginning of your relationship with them and you want to always be aware of what channels are driving this for you. Perhaps it’s word of mouth, conferences, sharing content on Facebook or tweeting quite often. Whatever works for you, it’s surely worth knowing the how.

(A) Activation

How do they first try your product? Or in many cases, what makes them tick? If you write a blog, how do you become a part of their weekly ritual? It’s probably the aha moment when they connect a particular subject matter to you.

(R) Retention

The holy grail of content? Having your users come back to you over and over again. You have brought them into the circle of value – always providing more and giving more.

Retention patterns are starting to understand who consistently comes to you and why but also why some people are not coming back. Retention is a great gauge for the lifetime value that you can provide to your readers and make your one time visit into a long lasting love story.

So, what does this all mean for me?

A) Write for each part of the funnel

You want to be sure that you are writing not just to acquire people, but also to activate – move them to their ‘aha moment’. Think about how different people are simultaneously moving through the funnel and be deliberate to write for each part of it.

B) Measure correctly

If you are not measuring, how will be you be able to understand the value of your work? Be sure to tag (all source, medium to the URLs) and measure all your content and understand the implications across the pirate metrics. Many times you might find that you have too wide an upper funnel and too narrow a lower funnel.

C) Problem solve for drop offs

The AAR framework will give you the ability to understand where people are dropping off in a very simplistic framework. Try to understand why perhaps a specific group of people aren’t coming back to your content pages and start perhaps catering to their needs or questions. A great starting point is to understand who is leaving and then test consistently to understand what makes them tick.

Pirate On: The AAR framework is a very versatile way of measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing. Spend 15 minutes to customise it for your business and you will be amazed by the laser sharpness that it gives to your entire content marketing strategy. Aye, Aye Captain?


This post was originally published on joe-escobedo.com. Joe is recognized as one of the “Top 20 Content Marketers” worldwide and awarded the “Most Influential Global Marketing Leader” at the World Marketing Congress. Joe has helped countless organizations and executives transform from unknowns to superheroes online.

We need to chat about WeChat

Slide1I have realised that we have chatted (&blogged) about so many great campaigns, trends and upcoming fab-jazz, but we still haven’t chatted enough about the biggest wave in that is being driven right here – the land where the sun rises (i.e. the East).

Here are the top 5 reason why WeChat is the mega universe of everything that defines ‘magic of your touch screen phone’ –

  1. Make instore payments through QR codes
  2. Send bitcoins to a friend
  3. Manage a personal wealth fund
  4. Pay Utility bills
  5. Check how much a product costs instore by scanning a code

PS: My favourite one that should be at the top of this list – You can book a karaoke through the app. Hello WeChat, Karaoke is my eternal weakness. Oops, did I just reveal my Kkk-Kryptonite to the world?



Unstoppable Together


Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 4.47.45 PM.png

Okay, call it a soft spot, a bias or just something that I really believe in – the need of the hour for women as a community to stand together, and stand for something bigger than each individual self.

Nike is fabulous at picking up on this conversation and joining in – to stand for something bigger too: Women. Nike celebrates women in their new ad: ‘Juntas Imparables’ (Unstoppable together). 

The backdrop features just a really busy, traffic ridden city with a girl being forced in conforming to more ‘girly’ behaviours by being asked to use hair spray. She gets inspired by another girl running through the streets (read: overcoming obstacles) and joins forces with her. Before we know it – you have a herd of women running to the finish line together.

Now, many might think of this as a just group of girls running on a busy street wearing Nike shoes – but if you look deeper, there is more. The story personifies the beginning of a movement:

  1. Chasing your dreams jumping over obstacles
  2. The power of just one person breaking the norm that creates a momentum effect
  3. As a force, we can use our strengths and conquer so much more

The bottom line: We can be unstoppable together. So if you are watching from the sidelines, join the force. Don’t think twice – Just do it.






Stains disappearing

Brands are still playing with out of home in cool, innovative ways.

Ariel created a disappearing billboard where the closer you get to the stain get’s wiped out. And once you almost get to the board, boom – the stain has gone.


arielstain1 2.jpg

The power of product marketing

How many times have you seen a great ad: sometimes cried, once in a while laughed, ads that use some insane technology that makes you go wow but literally – you can’t remember the name of the brand or the value they might drive in your life.

I need to come out of the closet about how strongly I feel about these award hungry “innovative” advertising campaigns that literally drive 0 business value. We all know these ads – you can sniff their award winning desperation from a distance. Hate it.

I’ve always respected brands that are so confident in themselves that all they want to do is drive business value and grow user love. The ‘it name’ for it today is product marketing. Now, I’m not saying that brand marketing is not important or these are 2 are mutually exclusive. I just believe that if you have limited marketing dollars, the most important thing you want to do first is to drive user growth and love – increase product adoption by being explicit about the utility that you drive in someone’s life.

eBay did a great job to re-establish their credibility by proving their value in the market (even if by taking a direct stab at Amazon).


I loved the pun on golden number $119. But more so, I loved how direct the messaging was to be like “hey – we provide more value therefore use us over xx”. Really that simple, but so well done.

Marketing is really about simplicity. We tend to over-complicate it.

Simple messaging to the right audience, at the right time to maximise business impact. (Business impact being the operating clause). I think that we need to always remind ourselves that this isn’t about us being creative (you can pickup a paintbrush for that) – this is really about customer value. More value, more love. Simple and beautiful.

Highlighting women at the back

One of the most common topics of discussion around  women is that they are often instrumental in certain wins or achievements but don’t get the credit they deserve – sometimes due to systematic issues, sometimes because of a male dominated rewarding environment and sometimes simply because they lock themselves in and don’t demand that well deserved recognition.

Whatever the reasons, it’s been proven that systematically women who deserve to be on the front lines are fighting battles in the shadows of other people at the back. Stabilo, a highlighter brand decided to make that connection with a higher purpose – highlighting women like Katherine Johnson who was instrumental in saving lives of the people in Apollo 11 through her pure mathematical genius.

I am often super charged with women issues and this creative immediately ignited a yellow flame in me. I adore brands like Stabilo who dare to take the bold step and stand up for a purpose that is much, much larger than the utility of a ‘mere highlighter’.

It’s true, we need to really highlight more women like this.


In all that trunk?

What are you going to do with all that trunk? Fiat comes up with another ‘boot’in’ campaign.

The new Fiat Tipo is just the right car for you if you need a hell lot of storage space. So much so, that an entire topography just fits right in.

And let’s be clear – what can’t really fit? Volcanoes, creature, helicopters and really cool terrains.

I love the exaggeration to make a point. Probably because I believe in everything being “extra”.

Goodbye Jurassic Park. Hello, Fiat.




Thrill o’ taking the wheel?

Magic, the feeling I have. Absolute magic. Taking charge of that wheel and going steady endlessly at 80km/hour at the road without a destination.

That’s the thrill of driving today. Road-‘tripping’ in essence.

Audi imagined a world in the near future where you will in-animately be transported from Point A to Point B in your driverless car. And, while that’s perhaps an inevitable future that could be fun too, I loved how Audi positioned the thrill of taking the wheel in their new Spyder R8. The trick to learn from them is to not sound backward, be technologically forward and stay classy Audi the entire time.

Wonder if we will pay a premium for a self (= yourself talking the wheel) driving experience in the future?

In all honesty, it’s the right positioning for Audi atleast until driverless cars become mainstream. Let’s all enjoy the thrill of the wheel, atleast while it lasts? Maybe we will tell our grandkids about these good old’ times :)


KFC is wingin’ it

What does hot and spicy mean to you?

(Well, let’s not go down that path -_-)

But there is a path I’d like to take your neural network down – tender, juicy, spicy, fried chicken. The kind of tub you want to secretly gobble up while watching Netflix and giving yourself the well deserved cheat day after days of slogging and salad’ing.

Ogilvy and Mather worked with KFC to create almost a real life visualisation of fire to depict chicken that is as spicy as explosions and space take offs.



I always say – the fundamentals of marketing, they don’t change.

And, neither does the fundamental love for tender, juicy Kentucky fried chicken.


Follow the arches, to the place I belong

You’re on the highway.

The wind is in your hair.

You are probably listening to the good old’ songs.

Singing along.

It’s kind of a custom – you are hungry, craving for a drive through meal.

You hate to admit it – but some hot fries and a juicy cheese burger would just so perfect.

Who is watching anyway?

Come-on, it’s a ‘take me home, country road sort of feels’. You want it to be perfect and golden.

Yes baby, you want some macca’s.

But where is the sign? Those beautiful golden arches, just like the crispy golden potato parallels fried at 168 degrees celcius.

You’re cravings have been heard my friend – Mac Donalds came up with the perfect sign to take you to that place so divine. (Haha, there is a reason I’m not a poet).

Follow the arches –  to the left, to the left.

Building an employer brand

At Adidas, something binds everyone together beyond different functions, races, interests and sports hobbies.

As the manifesto states – It’s a passion to create.


Building is the most rewarding thing about any job. Keep creating.

Bob, the builder is watching & Inspiring.

Midlife or a midnight crisis?

Never under-estimate the power of a witty copy. A lot has changed in marketing, but the fundamentals – the things that move people, make them laugh and build connections, that will never change.



Check out dominos’ midlife vs midnight crisis.

A picture truly is a 1000 words. And, 4 words, that’s more than a 1000 words.

Would you say, Word?


Nike, Don’t quit playing games.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.38.07 PM.pngNike plays again. And, in my opinion – wins again.

With innovation at it’s forefront and experiential campaigns in it’s pocket, Nike goes strong again. In a market like China where e-sports and online games is mainstream, Nike brings their ‘React’ shoes to the people of China in the virtual ‘React land’.

Get on a threadmill and gamify yourself to go through mountains and roofs. Best of it all, it’s really just trying to prove how ‘bouncy’ the shoes are with every jump. Message received.

Some might call it gimmicky, but I call it smart. Experiential marketing is here. Retail experience 2.0. is here. Nike is here.

Time for you to ‘react’ and ‘make the jump’ too?

The Sapeurs

Sapeurs to me is elegance, sub-cultures, colour, and hope.

That’s the real story of the Sapeurs. No no, it’s not just another fashion style. ‘La Sape’ is a movement based in the Republic of Congo that has so much cultural and social richness. In most ways, they are fighters for peace.

I love how Guinness gave these group of extraordinary people a global stage – to show their culture, the colours, and really the joy of celebrations.

Other than the awards this campaign has won, Guinness truly celebrates the brilliant people who live life with joy amidst the turmoil. It is a reminder for all of us to constantly fight to not just live, but to be alive.

Guinness – Always made of more.

Apple celebrates moments that matter


Embed yourself in the conversation. Be part of the culture. Be more than a function in people’s lives.

Apple has been great in doing that – integrating itself right in places, in people and in hearts. It’s always stood for more than the megapixels and storage.

And with the ‘first dance’ – Apple celebrated same sex marriages in Australia capturing moments that truly matter – on the I-phone.





My favourite in-flight safety video

I’ve been doing a fair bit of flying lately.  Safety instructions and videos are perhaps one of the most boring and un-engaging things you have to go through on flights. (Don’t get me wrong – plane rides still excite me!)

Virgin Airlines did this ultra cool – dance jam safety video that broke the internet, but I give them 5/10 points.


But honestly, for me – Singapore Airlines gets my full vote – hands down. They created something that brought out the best views in Singapore, was totally on brand with their quality of service and to be honest, was just so calming.

I think before you are about to take off, you want to be assured that your life (literally) is in the hands of the best people – and with Singapore Airlines, I believe it to be true.

And that’s what brands need to be – authentic and true to themselves. Singapore Airlines, you have my heart. Always.

Alexa, We all need you

Alexa, We need you.

Most of the times, we just need our simple, predictable friend.

No surprises, no additional thought.

Just simple, elegant and working.

Alexa showed us what happens without her. I personally, loved the personification.

I guess more than celebrities, don’t we just love her?


Loved the celebrity humour, but come on – Alexa could have atleast cracked one joke. :P


Why skittles for the Super Bowl

I might not follow the super bowl (Okay, let’s be honest – I don’t), but I do wait for the Super Bowl just as much for the best ads to come out. The super bowl is like the series I wait to release every year. (Yes, it’s the marketing nerd in me out of the closet again).

I love picking my favourite ad, and debating about which one I liked the best. But this time, it’s not just an ad, it’s a strategy that wins.

And the best part is, it is an ad that you’ll never see.

The one thing that is universal is exclusivity. Something that not everyone has that just can’t keep us stop guessing. And as for Skittles this year, Marcos Menendez is their star.

I guess, he is the only one who got the full fledged ‘taste of the rainbow’.


5kgs of love to take home

There is nothing more exciting than going home after a long time and filling your bag with thoughtful gifts for everyone you love!

Coca cola yet again opened happiness with a #Wishuponacoke. For everyone who was carrying excess baggage mainly full of gifts, Coke sponsored 5kgs excess baggage for free.

I’m on my way back home, and so excited to see everyone. To some it’s just 5 kilograms, to me, It’s an infinite amount of love.

The Goodbye Menu

Chili’s is refocusing on its core products and therefore cutting down 40% of its menu.

That’s a painful goodbye given that some of their food was delicious attached to a lot of fun memories.

Instead of quietly bidding goodbye, Chilis created a humorous social campaign to bid adios to some of its favourite dishes – Chicken Enchiladas (Bacon critic), Southwest Chicken Soup (Professional Snuggler) and Buffalo Cauliflower (Broccoli Impersonator).

I enjoyed the dramatic and social turn a restaurant took to build some brand love through their dark, red times.

Budlightin’ Game of Thrones

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 11.28.59 AM.png

The perks of good brand content riding on a strong social conversation = Fantastic.

In the world full of ‘gas’ marketing, I believe this is a solid strategy.

Just before the Game Of Thrones release this Sunday, Bud-light released a humorous spot about different subjects presenting the King with different levels of beer.

All well and good, until a smart-a** comes with “spiced honey mead wine.”  He is immediately banished to the pit of misery.  Haha.

Loved it!

Being true to your brand while catching a wave of conversation around Game of Thrones. Dilly, Dilly. (raises a toast).

‘Watch’ out: Video isn’t a fad

When a new form of content hit the ‘market’, you start to wonder – is this really a thing? Fashionable? Faddish? Or a long term behavioural change?

A few years ago, Video got ’em questioning. But no more. We have fundamentally changed the way we consume content. No more tweets, but quick disappearing photos. And no more quick photos, but live, immersive videos.

We aren’t the same anymore. Facebook recognises that and rode the way. Facebook recently launched ‘Watch’: An immersive video hub that will appear as a tab in the mobile app and also be featured on the desktop web.

Bye bye Youtube? Only time will tell.



Co-roading with Cars and Bikes

Road Peace. Finally?

Cyclists vs cars.

Green vs pollution.

Danger vs Safety.

A lot of people want to go green, and ride bikes to work. But everyone is scared. Road safety for cyclists isn’t a thing if you don’t have separate bike lanes.

Co-existing safely on the roads was a myth. But maybe, AXA’s Smart bells might change that.

AXA created it’s first-ever “bike insurance,” – it’s basically a bell that transmits a signal through car radios to alert drivers about approaching bicycles. Therefore, keeping cyclists safe even over the loud Spotify playlists that is playing in the car.

Seems like cycles are heading in the right direction > 15 km/hour.

Reebok takes a dig at Donald-Ts.

When do you tell people ‘You are in such beautiful shape’? Reebok has a flow chart to guide people through the decision making.

Seems like the only appropriate time to say that if you dig up a forgotten action figure from your childhood in your parent’s basement. LOL

Not when you meet the spouse of the head of state. -_-

reebok-trump-chart (1) 2.jpg

Look who is on AirBnB


The entire country of Sweden is on AirBnB – one of my favourite travel sites in the world.

Come explore the relaxation area, the bathroom, the bedroom, the infinity pools and the breath taking terrace.

Take a holiday here. You won’t regret it.

Smirnoff trolls Trump with 100% wit and a dash of sarcasm


Smirnoff Vodka #21 Recipe:

  • 100% Wit
  • Dash of sarcasm
  • Served on the rocks
  • Note: Only to be served ice cold

As Trump questions are raised over Trump’s ties with Russia during the elections, Trump is well known for quoting that he is happy to reveal his more only under oath.

The same with Smirnoff that originated in Russia but is not made in America.

I love bold advertising. I love smart advertising. And I most definitely love witty advertising.



Moms Don’t Quit : Not Now, Not ever

For every working women, there is a pivotal time in their career to make one single choice: Career or Family.

A life time of hard work boils down to a single moment – What would she choose?

Not only in Italy, but also in a lot of other countries – women sign blank resignation letters – the decision to quit their jobs once they become pregnant. In a lot of other scenarios, women choose to not have kids for the fear of fewer career progression opportunities.

But why are these scenarios mutually exclusive? What would happen if a woman chose to do this the other way around? What if women quit their jobs as mothers in order to work?


If children can understand that this would be such a cruel thing to do, why can’t we? #momsdontquit



The Hero: My Favourite Father’s Day Campaign

Almost every brand is trying to capture a moment -> a memorable piece of time that brands can make strong, lasting associations with.

Father’s day is one such moment. A moment where sons and daughters cherish that special bond they have with the believer, adventure seeker and cool headed dude in the house – their dad.

A lot of touching stories are shared by individuals and brands. But one teary eyed story that pushed me into that emo zone was  – The Hero: A Bollywood Story.

It reverses the roles of a father and son – where generally it is the father’s role to make their child’s dreams come true. Google reversed the dynamic where instead the son fulfils the father’s dream to become a Bollywood Actor.

‘Heros never retire, Papa’.

Even an asshole can save a life

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.01.10 AM.png


Genereally any good cause organisation that is focused on social service, charity or collecting donations is focused on displaying the good side of humanity – going after the assumption that human beings are fundamentally good people.

The core narrative follows:

IF you are good, THEN you will do something good for society.

However, Donate a Life (registerme.org) broke that narrative and took a spin on the story:

The narrative follows a guy named Coleman who does possibly the worst things anyone could do in their day to day life – throw other people’s laundry on the floor, barge into women’s toilets, steal candy from kids on halloween, drink and drive and even shout at an old grandma who takes time to cross the road.

Like, literally the worst kind of a human that could possibly exist.

But inspite of everything, Coleman did one thing right – Register to donate his organs.

The video shows real impact of what that means – helping so many different people –  a father, a young girl, a teenage boy and ironically even his neighbour.

So the question is this –

If even an asshole as big as Coleman can save lives, why can’t you?

Instagram Stories are Snappin’ away

Bottom Line -> # of daily active users for Instagram stories > Snapchat

Snapchat = 158 million

Instagram stories = 200 million

Lesson -> A Fast follower strategy should never be undermined.

See a huge wave, learn to ride it. Or be sure to drown under it.

After Snap Inc. went through with their exciting IPO, reports revealed that Snapchat’s growth slowed 82% since the launch of Instagram stories. That’s a massive correlation.

It’s exciting to watch the battle between Snapchat and Instagram as they fight it out over disappearing  content.

From a revenue standpoint as well, Snapchat probably needs to level up since it is still not ramped up to serve brands from a data and tracking standpoint.

In a marketers world, where data is gold,  I’d say Snapchat better get to some digging.

Full disclosure: I am still a Snapchat loyalist. It’s a private network with my closest buds who I am excited to share my daily adventures with.

Yet, I can’t help but watch from the corner of my eye the powerful network effects Instagram stories has been able to create in such a short time.

I can feel the platform calling me -> And I am almost tempted to abandon my Snapchat mission and sail the Instagram Stories ship.


Artificial Intelligence got nothin’ on Momma’s Intelligence

In the ultimate battle of #besthugs – Nothing competes with a mom’s warm hug.

Not so far out in the future, we will have artificial intelligence monitor and guide us through every step of our lives – waking up, getting breakfast, scheduling things.

Not too far out in the future, AI might replace mom’s thoughtful reminders to get things done.

Not too far out in the future, our lives will be lead by someone speaking to you through the ceiling of our perhaps lonely home.

Maxis, a telco in Malaysia sets out to remind everyone that no amount of software can compete with a mother’s intuition. She knows more than you even convey and is always there to hold you when you fall.

To my mom,

Thanks mom for being there for me! You’re intuition is stronger than anything in the world. <3 You know me better than I know myself. Happy Mother’s Day!

On disappearing Lions

World Wildlife Fund has always been able to make you stop, pause, and think.

In India, they have a powerful, yet subtle message. And what is a better way to demonstrate that than to use one thing we see everyday – money. That very same coin that could be used to donate money to the cause of saving – lions.




Your phone is now a refugee’s phone

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.00.39 AM.pngTo help increase awareness about the Refugee Crisis – BBC Media Action took an immersive, super engaging approach:

Converting your phone to a refugee’s phone to help people realise what it is actually like to be in the shoes (should I say, hands?) on a refugee fleeing from a war torn country.

The video blows up into a full screen vertical video that uses the simplest of everyday functionalities to convey a message so proud: We are all just the same, do the same things and want the same things.

By getting pings from ‘Dad’ who was concerned about ‘you’ / the protagonist – BBC Media Action humanised the entire experience though everyday technology.

GPS location: 29 degrees NE. I had chills.


Burger King is Bold and Flamin’


Burger King is back in the game. And this time not in just a smokin’ way, instead in a flaming comeback.

In an amazing set of print ads, Burger King showed actual images of stores on fire – reiterating that their burgers are always tasty, juicy because they use real flames.

While most PR talk would insist to shy away from things that have been ‘negative’, Burger King took the bold step to actually turn that into something they are (in a rather quirky way), proud of.

No matter what, they wouldn’t compromise on their style of making some flaming, juicy grill burgers. Even if sometimes it leads to their own stores burning down.

The truth remains: bold is always beautiful.