No Android, I will not skip your ad.


Remember when your mother told you not to do something, and so – you did just that? Google got that rebel out in all of us with a 7 minute clip of 100 android characters telling us to just SKIP the ad.

They tried all sorts of hilarious techniques including hypnosis. But no, I didn’t budge and I can bet that you won’t either. The cute little Android characters told me about all the things I could do in those 7 minutes including – petting a pig and attaining Nirvana. Lol.

Click here to watch the unskippable-video:

These android characters are filling the hole in my heart that was once dominated by minions. The campaign ties in so well with Android’s – ‘Be together, not the same’ campaign inspiring uniqueness (& driving brand love).

Penny the Pirate

I don’t believe there is any ‘sector’ that lacks the potential to be creative and share a connection with their consumer. OPSM, a leading eye care provider in Australia/ New Zealand, made that connection in a very special way – a story book + eye check-up.

Children have to wear the pirate eye patch and spot sails in the distance, find the treasure and read the captains log in the interactive ‘penny the pirate’ book. Saatchi&Saatchi collaborated with illustrator/author Kevin Waldron, and the Department of Vision Sciences at Melbourne University, to identify three critical tests that would detect the most common vision problems for children.

Here is the video:

In terms of results – 300,000 children have taken an eye test, which has already seen a huge increase in kids eyewear sales since launch. But most of all, it has given mum’s and NGO’s the opportunity to test and take care of so many more eyes in today’s screen-addicted-world.

IKEA’s ‘Bed (Bad) Room’ Campaign

I hate doing this, but since I was forced to see BBH’s new campaign for IKEA – ‘Improve your private life’, I couldn’t help but feel sorry about how the world of advertising just regressed by 5 years. I am a believer in subtle humour and real stories. True, a large part of people’s happiness is dependent on their sex lives, so why not just say ‘sex’? Making the flimsy bed move to find out the husband is actually sleeping is a failed attempt at what I would called ‘poorly-tried-and-obviously-failed-humour’.

Here is the ad that I will not spend too much time or energy describing:

You might have noticed the same ‘shelf guru’ who has re-emerged as lead actor from BBH’s Book Book Video – the one that leveraged on tremendous ‘inspiration’ (read: most likely copied) from Sun Pharma’s ad.

But none of that annoys me as much as how ‘fake’ this whole set-up is. These are the top 3 Fake things about this video:

1) The fake love between the two people in the relationship (& the forced inter-racial set-up)

2) The forced IKEA products that come out of everywhere

3) Of-course, the forced humour all along the video

All the great things that marketers have been doing about ‘telling genuine and real stories’ just went down the drain with the force-everything-ad for IKEA.

I just want to put this out there in the world – Yes, I will still continue to shop at IKEA & no, that will have nothing to do with this ad.