The case of Uncle Lee

Uncle Lone-Lee is a strange man. He doesn’t talk to anyone and doesn’t really take much help from people around him. It keeps you wondering why this old man won’t hitch a ride, why he will run around up and down and why he keeps on picking up really heavy gardening pots.

No one truly understands Uncle Lee – naming him as stubborn and gaining a lot of sympathy from the community around him. Standard Chartered Bank brought home a message that kept us hooked to understand what Uncle Lee was truly up to.

This campaign really brings home how it feels to have a full home – your family visiting you during Chinese New Year. Uncle Lee was actually getting fit and rehearsing day by day, preparing for the joy he would feel to meet his grandkids, cycle with them and burst firecrackers together.

Chinese New Year is a time to be with family – to share love and joy together. Standard Chartered Bank really captured this so deeply with the local colour, lingo and context that made a British bank sound and be more Malaysian. Today, banks need to be even more localised as local banks and Fintech become more agile and relevant in today’s context.

Everyone wants to bank with a bank they trust, who they believe is looking out for them and a bank that is there for good. The campaign follows Uncle Lee over the years and you can’t help but feel more connected to him! He surely reminds me of my grandfather who loved hugging us and playing with us. This campaign brought a huge smile to my face during this festive season.

I hope I get to hang out with Uncle Lee soon :) Happy CNY! Happy Tet! And Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year of the rabbit bring you lots of good health and prosperity.

Standard Chartered Bank – Malaysia Campaign – The curious case of Uncle Lee

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