Stay Connected by Staying Disconnected

One Plus is taking over the Indian market through its ecosystem integration of devices and affordability. Infact it feels like it has taken a chapter out of the Apple playbook but managed to put a strongly localised and festive touch to its positioning.

Mira and Shahid Kapoor are well known to be a loving, family oriented couple. One Plus has captured the essence of their public relationship with a backdrop of them preparing to invite guests for a festival.

Mira is subtly showcasing the features of the TV with its seamlessly connected ecosystem including its version of Onebuds, One Plus phone, NFC cast without really explaining the features. This messaging is very ‘apple like’ while also competing for value and brand premiums with other players in the market.

Shahid really hits it home with his punch line ‘Kuch off Hai” (Something is off…). He really actually means lets switch off the TV so that we can stay connected with relatives and family.

This messaging is really unique for a business that thrives on users engaging with their devices to actually take a step back and advocate for screen downtime. Brands such as One Plus that have historically positioned themselves on price and affordability are taking their messaging to the next level by actually investing in their brand voice. It’s a good reminder for all of us to all stay connected by sometimes disconnecting.


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