Spotify has got it’s music on!

I think there are different categories of ads – humorous ads, feature orientated ads, tech innovation ads and celebrity ads.

Spotify just aced a category of ads that I believe is brand on point, product on point, demographic on point and relevance on point and with localised tunes that are on point too!

The work done with Leo Burnett & Spotify puts the word’s daily pains into amusing tunes. Be it while watching your mother shop for sarees, sitting in a traffic jam or when news anchors are fighting and screaming over breaking news.

It also contextualises use cases for when music is consumed – not just as a one off indulgence but as a habit forming behaviour across multiple scenarios.

I have immense brand love for Spotify. I have been a loyal Spotify user for years and have really seen their music content, curation and now advertising grow and dominate the music streaming space.

I will have to echo the sentiment of the campaign – SpotifyOnTohMazzaOn (If Spotify is on, then the fun is on!)

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