#SeeEqual hits hard

I’ve always admired #SharetheLoad campaigns because they bring up strong social issues in a society that is still fundamentally biased towards men.

But Ariel’s #SeeEqual campaign hits hard particularly because it is not set in the tone of extremes. The couple seems respectful, honest and thoughtful – something that a lot of modern couples now experience.

Equality is such a crucial value for me personally and having been recently married, I can say that everyday me and my partner put in a lot of effort to try our best to be equal partners.

Yet, the campaign explores subtle predispositions and assumptions within the scheme of dual working couples today. For example, men reminiscing how they spent their college days with their buddies sharing the load of work together but yet once they are married – there is an assumption that perhaps that the same equality shouldn’t be demanded by a female partner.

The ad shows how the wife’s time is probably not equally valued when she had to rush to send an email. Subtle yet so real. Often overtime as the wife goes out of her way to show care, it was easily assumed that “they” will take care of it whereas it is the wife who is truly taking care of everything.

I believe that this campaign is a reminder that yes, as women we have made so much progress and now experience equality in many aspects but yet the nuances of a patriarchal mindset still exist that needs to be constantly brought to the forefront through honest and respectful conversations.

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