Different yet together

As the world moves towards short form video content that tries to dominate our very minuscule attention span, there are brands that are continuing to tell stories through a craft that is extremely precious.

“The fine art of great storytelling in advertising” continues to live on with such thoughtful messaging and emotions. This ad tells the story of a young girl, Meera who is going to her new home with her adopted parents. I can’t imagine how over-whelming the experience would be of moving countries, families and your entire life.

With the myriad of these changes, the only comforting thing is the aroma of familiar food. In a beautifully told story, Shan Masala (a Pakistani brand that we all love) becomes the catalyst to unite a new family together, making it whole again.

One thought on “Different yet together

  1. Amazing!!! Thank you for finding and sharing that one. So true the art of good storytelling has no time limit, it draws you in and holds you til the end.

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