Thumbs Down to the Dream Killers

The Olympics is so much more than just playing international sports. It is a stage for people who have defied all odds, put their determination ahead of all other temptations and emerged from remote parts of the country just on the strength and mastery of their sport.

The awe inspiring campaign by Thumbs Up that has always stood out for “Toofan” with their action packed commercials stood with our athletes during the Olympics. The campaign includes Vikas Yadav (Boxer), Bajrang Punia (Wrestler), Manu Bhaker (Shooter), Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das (Archers) and the entire Indian shooting team.

The campaign urges people to give a thumbs down to all those naysayers, haters and dream killers who do nothing but comment saying “India ka kuch nahi hoga” ie. “India won’t get anywhere”.

This campaign is a tribute to all those who have a dream and fight for it every single day. I stand with Thumbs Up and our incredible athletes. #PalatDe.

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