Who is an investor?

You don’t have to be Mr. Wolf of Wallstreet to have heard of Robinhood. It’s the financial trading app that has got so many eyebrows raised as Gamestop went into a frenzy the past few weeks.

The app that makes trading stocks easy and for everyone is here at the greatest of all advertising playgrounds – The Superbowl Commercials.

Compared to the dry and boring financial ads that make you want to snooze into an nothingness, Robinhood , the Fintech company of the future is sharing with the world how investing is not just for the Wall Street suit&ties, but for everybody.

I personally love the idea of democratising investments. Of-course financial literacy is the module of the generation that we all need to take in some form or the other (I took the Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 for example). But assuming we all have a good baseline, apps like Robinhood really simplify your life and give an “in” into the markets without the multi-screen candle stick charts of the Bloomberg terminal.

Most of all, it gives people the freedom to have exposure to the financial markets in a really easy and accessible mobile first way. Although we don’t exactly know how Robinhood’s destiny will pan out in the near future but I must say that – FinTech is the new kid on the block playing David vs Goliath. And boy, might I say atleast in the advertising playground, with lifestyle creatives like these, David is sure as hell in the lead.

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