Is everyone wearing Pants?

Re-emergence from the dead post: It’s been such an intense time adjusting to working from home in this pandemic. Phew! What a year 2020 has been. Pretty crazayyyy. 👀

Mooketing is back on the grid with the most relatable ad of the year : “The whole working from home thing”

The apple work from home ad takes you through a reality that a lot of us will smile at – Managing the borderless work / life from the work from home “thing”.

Apple takes you on a journey to what it takes to get to a client presentation and all the tools that Apple seamlessly provides without talking about specs or benefits. Apple is one of my favorite brands because it just integrate into your life so easily and becomes part of your body. (Infact, my sister calls her iphone an extension of her arm. HAHA)

Apple is not pushing a product like the Iwatch or the Ipad. Apple is building an integrated lifestyle. Once you have one Apple product, the rest of the Universe starts hypnotising you into the holistic experience. And this ad in particular shows you how each of their products is leveraged to make a seemingly crazy work experience come together.

PS: This post is best served with a shot of one more virtual brainstorming meeting. Cheers! 👯

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