#deleteUber 2.0

#Delete Uber was a movement not so long ago (2017) where people in the thousands deleted the app after a series of incidents fundamentally related to a travel ban by the current US administration. (https://www.businessinsider.com/uber-deleteuber-protest-hundreds-of-thousands-quit-app-2019-4)

It was a turbulent time for the company, and having worked there at the time, I can vouch for the fact that Twitter and Facebook was buzzing with the #deleteUber hashtag. (And so were our anxiety levels)

Uber took a bold step to redefine the painful past of its history by reimagining #deleteUber in context of the conversation about inclusion and systematic racism.

“If you tolerate racism, delete Uber”.

I believe that it is bold to go back to the scars of your past and re-look it in another light. Having said that, I believe that Uber needs to do more to actually play a more significant role in the tangible outcomes for the  “Black Lives Matter Movement”.

Being a part of the conversation and echoing your voice in one sentence is simply not going to make the cut anymore. I hope that along with this campaign Uber pledges more support and financial commitment to the cause, without which it just would seem like a hopeless attempt to be “a part of a trending conversation” without proof of believing in the core of the movement.

There is a lot to be done in terms of racial equality in the world and I hope brands take leads and bounds to not just be part of a conversation but support the movement at a much deeper level along with the right campaigning and messaging.





One thought on “#deleteUber 2.0

  1. I listened to a podcast a while back that talked about how uber was shifting its marketing to be rawer after hiring someone that came from Gray V’s team(i think it was Gary).

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