X out Fake News

Spread Joy, Not Rumors.

Taking social responsibility and educating everyone about how fake news spreads so rapidly is so important. Many times, we don’t realise that we are part of the system that fuels the fire.

I believe that Whatsapp India took the bold move to be deliberate in their communication to stop the spread of fake news. Be like Kavya who helps people understand that if that content didn’t originate from you, it is important to validate it before sharing it.

In a world where forwards happen with just a click of a button, we all have to take up more responsibility to ensure that these channels of communication remain clean and reliable.

I really enjoyed the pace of the creative and messaging – “Spread Love, not Rumors” hits the nail on the head with a strong social message in a fun and relatable delivery (remember the times, people in white suits would preach us about the right ways of life?)

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