Highlighting women at the back

One of the most common topics of discussion around  women is that they are often instrumental in certain wins or achievements but don’t get the credit they deserve – sometimes due to systematic issues, sometimes because of a male dominated rewarding environment and sometimes simply because they lock themselves in and don’t demand that well deserved recognition.

Whatever the reasons, it’s been proven that systematically women who deserve to be on the front lines are fighting battles in the shadows of other people at the back. Stabilo, a highlighter brand decided to make that connection with a higher purpose – highlighting women like Katherine Johnson who was instrumental in saving lives of the people in Apollo 11 through her pure mathematical genius.

I am often super charged with women issues and this creative immediately ignited a yellow flame in me. I adore brands like Stabilo who dare to take the bold step and stand up for a purpose that is much, much larger than the utility of a ‘mere highlighter’.

It’s true, we need to really highlight more women like this.


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