Thrill o’ taking the wheel?

Magic, the feeling I have. Absolute magic. Taking charge of that wheel and going steady endlessly at 80km/hour at the road without a destination.

That’s the thrill of driving today. Road-‘tripping’ in essence.

Audi imagined a world in the near future where you will in-animately be transported from Point A to Point B in your driverless car. And, while that’s perhaps an inevitable future that could be fun too, I loved how Audi positioned the thrill of taking the wheel in their new Spyder R8. The trick to learn from them is to not sound backward, be technologically forward and stay classy Audi the entire time.

Wonder if we will pay a premium for a self (= yourself talking the wheel) driving experience in the future?

In all honesty, it’s the right positioning for Audi atleast until driverless cars become mainstream. Let’s all enjoy the thrill of the wheel, atleast while it lasts? Maybe we will tell our grandkids about these good old’ times :)


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