Follow the arches, to the place I belong

You’re on the highway.

The wind is in your hair.

You are probably listening to the good old’ songs.

Singing along.

It’s kind of a custom – you are hungry, craving for a drive through meal.

You hate to admit it – but some hot fries and a juicy cheese burger would just so perfect.

Who is watching anyway?

Come-on, it’s a ‘take me home, country road sort of feels’. You want it to be perfect and golden.

Yes baby, you want some macca’s.

But where is the sign? Those beautiful golden arches, just like the crispy golden potato parallels fried at 168 degrees celcius.

You’re cravings have been heard my friend – Mac Donalds came up with the perfect sign to take you to that place so divine. (Haha, there is a reason I’m not a poet).

Follow the arches –  to the left, to the left.

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