Nike, Don’t quit playing games.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.38.07 PM.pngNike plays again. And, in my opinion – wins again.

With innovation at it’s forefront and experiential campaigns in it’s pocket, Nike goes strong again. In a market like China where e-sports and online games is mainstream, Nike brings their ‘React’ shoes to the people of China in the virtual ‘React land’.

Get on a threadmill and gamify yourself to go through mountains and roofs. Best of it all, it’s really just trying to prove how ‘bouncy’ the shoes are with every jump. Message received.

Some might call it gimmicky, but I call it smart. Experiential marketing is here. Retail experience 2.0. is here. Nike is here.

Time for you to ‘react’ and ‘make the jump’ too?

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