My favourite in-flight safety video

I’ve been doing a fair bit of flying lately.  Safety instructions and videos are perhaps one of the most boring and un-engaging things you have to go through on flights. (Don’t get me wrong – plane rides still excite me!)

Virgin Airlines did this ultra cool – dance jam safety video that broke the internet, but I give them 5/10 points.


But honestly, for me – Singapore Airlines gets my full vote – hands down. They created something that brought out the best views in Singapore, was totally on brand with their quality of service and to be honest, was just so calming.

I think before you are about to take off, you want to be assured that your life (literally) is in the hands of the best people – and with Singapore Airlines, I believe it to be true.

And that’s what brands need to be – authentic and true to themselves. Singapore Airlines, you have my heart. Always.

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