Why skittles for the Super Bowl

I might not follow the super bowl (Okay, let’s be honest – I don’t), but I do wait for the Super Bowl just as much for the best ads to come out. The super bowl is like the series I wait to release every year. (Yes, it’s the marketing nerd in me out of the closet again).

I love picking my favourite ad, and debating about which one I liked the best. But this time, it’s not just an ad, it’s a strategy that wins.

And the best part is, it is an ad that you’ll never see.

The one thing that is universal is exclusivity. Something that not everyone has that just can’t keep us stop guessing. And as for Skittles this year, Marcos Menendez is their star.

I guess, he is the only one who got the full fledged ‘taste of the rainbow’.


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