Even an asshole can save a life

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Genereally any good cause organisation that is focused on social service, charity or collecting donations is focused on displaying the good side of humanity – going after the assumption that human beings are fundamentally good people.

The core narrative follows:

IF you are good, THEN you will do something good for society.

However, Donate a Life (registerme.org) broke that narrative and took a spin on the story:

The narrative follows a guy named Coleman who does possibly the worst things anyone could do in their day to day life – throw other people’s laundry on the floor, barge into women’s toilets, steal candy from kids on halloween, drink and drive and even shout at an old grandma who takes time to cross the road.

Like, literally the worst kind of a human that could possibly exist.

But inspite of everything, Coleman did one thing right – Register to donate his organs.

The video shows real impact of what that means – helping so many different people –  a father, a young girl, a teenage boy and ironically even his neighbour.

So the question is this –

If even an asshole as big as Coleman can save lives, why can’t you?

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