Instagram Stories are Snappin’ away

Bottom Line -> # of daily active users for Instagram stories > Snapchat

Snapchat = 158 million

Instagram stories = 200 million

Lesson -> A Fast follower strategy should never be undermined.

See a huge wave, learn to ride it. Or be sure to drown under it.

After Snap Inc. went through with their exciting IPO, reports revealed that Snapchat’s growth slowed 82% since the launch of Instagram stories. That’s a massive correlation.

It’s exciting to watch the battle between Snapchat and Instagram as they fight it out over disappearing  content.

From a revenue standpoint as well, Snapchat probably needs to level up since it is still not ramped up to serve brands from a data and tracking standpoint.

In a marketers world, where data is gold,  I’d say Snapchat better get to some digging.

Full disclosure: I am still a Snapchat loyalist. It’s a private network with my closest buds who I am excited to share my daily adventures with.

Yet, I can’t help but watch from the corner of my eye the powerful network effects Instagram stories has been able to create in such a short time.

I can feel the platform calling me -> And I am almost tempted to abandon my Snapchat mission and sail the Instagram Stories ship.


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