Artificial Intelligence got nothin’ on Momma’s Intelligence

In the ultimate battle of #besthugs – Nothing competes with a mom’s warm hug.

Not so far out in the future, we will have artificial intelligence monitor and guide us through every step of our lives – waking up, getting breakfast, scheduling things.

Not too far out in the future, AI might replace mom’s thoughtful reminders to get things done.

Not too far out in the future, our lives will be lead by someone speaking to you through the ceiling of our perhaps lonely home.

Maxis, a telco in Malaysia sets out to remind everyone that no amount of software can compete with a mother’s intuition. She knows more than you even convey and is always there to hold you when you fall.

To my mom,

Thanks mom for being there for me! You’re intuition is stronger than anything in the world. <3 You know me better than I know myself. Happy Mother’s Day!

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