The 90’s style super bowl ad that blah’ed me out.

If you watched the super bowl, you’d see the spectacular site of everything new.

Drones, lights, cutting edge technology ads, political issues, and a few sneak peaks into Stranger things yet to come.

Amidst all of this was a ProClean ad that looked like advertising straight out of the 90’s. From an advertising era perspective, literally regressing 100 years in time.

The marketing nerd in me was enjoying all those creative – awe inspiring ads and Uhhgghh: ProClean. -_- (Even Don Draper would be disappointed, trust me).

For the most part, Bill Nye, the science guy – played the typical mad scientist role that people were apparently suppose to love and get all nostalgic about. Well, that wasn’t me. Neither was I feeling the ebbieess about how we did those ‘magical’ (not) advertising campaigns 20 years ago.

ProClean’s spot was a buzz kill for me. Uninspiring, lame and just so wannabe.

Impact on people’s lives: I’d say negative. 

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