That’s not fair. BNB.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 11.05.56 AM.png

We are sometimes so disconnected from the truth. It’s like almost a shell that we create around ourselves. A bubble where everything is fantastic, beautiful and full of our petty little problems.

‘Solidarité Grands Froids’ (Solidarity in the Great Cold), an organization defending the interests of the homeless launched a website to spread awareness of the day to day reality of homeless people.

It’s an effort to expose and demonstrate a sight that you may not see everyday – to strike a cord of authentic empathy.

I feel uncomfortable about how closely they have ‘ripped’ what AirBnB looks like, but nonetheless – it does convey a powerful message.

Everytime you hit ‘book’ – you donate money to the organisation – a meaningful way of demonstrating the exact cause your money is going towards.


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