The man who kept runnin’in’ing

My heart always goes out to Kevin Hart.

He’s cool, funny and perfect for Nike.

Nike launched a series of youtube videos about a story of a man who kept running. I love this because it’s something that is catching up so quickly – a series of small clips tied together to make a story.

Most of the times, we just binge watch these multiple clips – but if we ever see a 40 minute youtube video, you can pause the though of # of views, right there.

Kevin Hart introduces Apple Watch Nike+’s features and functionality in a hyper animated way (what else were we expecting? Haha). You go along with him on a journey about survival (fancy much) and running to save himself.

Branding: 4/5

Product Placement: 3/5

Humour and engagement: 10/5





If you were wondering what Mr. Hart was upto?

Well, he was working on his beard. Haha.

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