I want to break free.

“And oh, the things that keep us steady:

Sometimes they are teddy’s.

Sometimes they are shoes.

That remind you of your moves”

Adidas created a powerful commercial that definitely makes you feel lost for words. The grit in the video didn’t need words to share one simple thing – Never take away something that someone lives, breathes and runs for.

The story is of an old man – perhaps in a care home, lost and sad. There is one thing that he seems to cherish of his younger days – sports. The one companion throughout all those times was a pair of Adidas shoes.

No branding, no spanking new shoes. Just a pair of dirty, old shoes that lightens up his face.

The video leaves it up-to your imagination to piece the story together. But it sure as hell has one ending – running into the wild and breaking free.

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