It’s snowing in Asia.

The winning formula: Copy + Paste + Localise

Snapchat’s cloned brother – Snow is crystallising 50 million flowing users every month.

How does it work? Well – it’s exactly like Snapchat – expect with a lot more relevant filters: Soju bottles, cats running around in clouds and with motion stickers that will make you crack up.

It’s surely snowing like cray in China, Japan and Korea in just one year. I am a huge Snapchat fan (read: addict) but I would strongly consider moving to Snow just for their Soju stickers.

And come on, do our Snapchat friends really think that we care about using Joker and Bob Marley filters? Asia is tired of being an afterthought. Localise quickly or compete with faster, stronger and more relevant clones.

It’s a frankenstein’s circus out here.

<ends with dramatic music>






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