Get in anywhere, like really



Brands sharing their opinions about political issues is entering choppy waters. Some ride the waves and emerge victorious, some sink into a crushing PR Tsunami.

The swimmer: 

Durex – keeping it casual, witty and open to interpretation. Taking the reality and teasing it, just a little bit.

The sinker: 

New Balance – Senior Execs (LeBretton) taking a strong political stance about supporting Mr. T

Their  potential customer base- Probably Hillary lovers, coastal folks started burning their shoes, taking this story viral. (Read: PR nightmare)


In conclusion:

Make sure you understand your target audience and their potential political orientation. If you want to take big bold steps, tests the waters a little bit (humour is a universal language) and try not to get too deep in the waters.

We all like 4 feet pools. Like really.

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