Netflix and Snap(chill)

I hate how we are always obsessed with creating Tekken Battles out of our marketing channels. Digital v/s traditional. Online v/s Offine. Everything is a debate. Everything is a fight.

But sometimes, when we combine our forces –  we have an indestructible power. (Think, Up + L1 + Triangle + X on your playstation) You will win, for shizz.


That’s exactly what Netflix did. They combined outdoor media and Snapchat to create tons of earned media. Introducing – #Netflixswap i.e. faceswap with your favorite Netflix characters. (My pick is obviously, Pablo Escobar from Narcos).


The billboards were positioned near school and high snapchat user density areas. Needless, to say – this campaign went viral on Snapchat stories.

How are you leveraging on emerging channels to kick ass? Perhaps if we brainswap with Mr. David Ogilvy, we might have a genius of an idea :D


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