The cool(ing) effect of Social Networks

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.33.16 PM.png

Live-strong bands, if you remember them – Were once cool, and then very quickly uncool.

In social networks, this cool to uncool transition can happen quite rapidly.

Facebook remained in the cool zone for a long time, until uncles and aunts started commenting on your photos and you stopped posting them eventually.

The same story with Instagram ( the reason why I don’t upload Instagram stories) and unfortunately now with Snapchat.

Snapchat was that niche social network – where you posted videos of doing random things that only your BFF’s deserved to know. But slowly, your aunts found a way to be there too.

This might not be the tipping point, but surely is a sign of the ‘cooling point’.

Facebook has been ‘ice-d’ a little too much and has thus come up with a brilliant solution  – “An age restricted network” – Lifestage. It is a social media app of the2016’s  – jam packed with video content.

Since Lifestage is open to people only below 21 years – I suppose: “Sorry aunty, see you on the otherside?”




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