Finland: At the forefront of Design

In 2017, Finland will turn 100 and reach new heights! In fact, Norway has promised to gift Finland a mountain (see here).This begs the question, as to what will take Finland forward?

I believe that it is the amalgamation of design, culture and unique heritage that will give Finland a unique opportunity in the global, digital economy. Finland should probably take a stronger hold on their biggest asset – their design thinking mindset.

Finland’s design story dates back to 5 key milestones:

  1. The Aalto Stool (193o’s)



2. The Aalto Vase (1930’s)




3. The Ball Chair (1960’s)




4. The block Lamp (1990’s)



5. Marimekko’s Textiles (2012)


At the core of Finland’s heart is design; that creates everything. Might it be newer products, technologies, textiles or architecture, Finland will need to re-invent and adapt itself to newer, emerging markets.

Design is more than something that looks beautiful.. It is simply just a way of living.






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