I-Scream for Ice-Cream


I am currently spending half a month in New Zealand and can swear that their ice-creams are divine. Personally, I have become quite a fan of Tip-Tip – a popular ice-cream brand here in NZ. We are know the age old trick – Ice Cream makes everyone happy and happy people are more likely to give into your demands.

Tip – Top reinvented this hypothesis to create Yes Sticks – customised for different requests, addressed to different people. Eat into the ice-cream and once you are all happy, find the question to which you should (if you are a little bit nice) – say Yes to!  People requested for all sorts of things – borrowing a car to asking someone’s hand.

Watch this cute-fuzzy-ice-cream-video here:

Simple idea, but a 7% increase in market share. Yes, Happiness = Ice Cream. Just watch out for the end :)

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