Zoom Zoom: Rumbles and Space Messages


There was a time when great advertising came from the ‘West’ and the ‘East’ was just a smart-photocopying-ape. I’m happy to report that – that ‘time’ is over.

Auto-mobile companies are killing it with amazing campaigns that go beyond hose-power and mileage. Infact, they have been zoom into people’s hearts and stay there. 2 amazing Japanese and Korean car companies – Honda and Hyundai are redefining marketing in the car industry.

1) Honda: The Sound of Honda

Honda recreated history when they brought Ayrton Senna’s (the Formula One Racing Legend) fastest lap to life. The engine sound was re-created by combining Senna’s driving data collected from 1989. Hundreds of networked speakers and LED lights were placed along the race line to bring back Senna’s fastest lap. To me, this is one of the most beautiful and surreal moments that advertising ever created.

2) Hyundai : A Message From Space

Hyundai delivered a message to a little girl’s father… in space. 11 Hyundai Genesis were used to replicate the Huston girl’s message in her own handwriting for her father to see. The “The largest tire track image” is something her dad will surely cherish for the rest of his life.

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