Penny the Pirate

I don’t believe there is any ‘sector’ that lacks the potential to be creative and share a connection with their consumer. OPSM, a leading eye care provider in Australia/ New Zealand, made that connection in a very special way – a story book + eye check-up.

Children have to wear the pirate eye patch and spot sails in the distance, find the treasure and read the captains log in the interactive ‘penny the pirate’ book. Saatchi&Saatchi collaborated with illustrator/author Kevin Waldron, and the Department of Vision Sciences at Melbourne University, to identify three critical tests that would detect the most common vision problems for children.

Here is the video:

In terms of results – 300,000 children have taken an eye test, which has already seen a huge increase in kids eyewear sales since launch. But most of all, it has given mum’s and NGO’s the opportunity to test and take care of so many more eyes in today’s screen-addicted-world.

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