Will We Live in a Customised Search World?

AutoWeb - Homepage

We have stopped saying ‘Search Engine’ long ago. At-least in the last decade, it’s been just ‘Google’. But, the question is will their world dominance last over the next 3 decades? Well, maybe not. Larry and Sergey recently sold their shares currently worth $4.4 billion (even resulting in a lack of dilution of control)*

Social Media, once highly dominated by Facebook – broke up into customised networks based on different needs, positioning and identities – Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram**. So the question is, will Search eventually breakup into customised platforms based on different needs, positioning and identities?

I believe technology firms are already beginning to disrupt this hyper-dominated Search Space. For example: AutoWeb,Ā the fast-growing search engine designed to help car shoppers find and choose the right vehicle based on specific and intuitive search criteria, has reached over one million monthly new-car shopping searches, marking a tenfold increase in searches compared to Q4 year over year.

AutoWeb helps car shoppers make informed and budget-conscious decisions with its consumer-facing vehicle search engine and exclusive editorial content. TheirĀ search engine functionality is designed to simplify the search experience for a car shopper looking to purchase a new vehicle. The company serves relevant automotive ads across a select network of vehicle-related websites and apps, generating high-intent consumer traffic.

ā€œOur search volumeā€™s remarkable growth confirms the high-quality search traffic we are able to aggregate and provide to our advertising partners and move the needle for their businesses. Everybody wins,ā€ said CEO Matias de Tezanos

Maybe, just maybe – a single search engineĀ will not be a one stop shop any more. We might demand a customised experience and quickly adopt different engines for different needs. Afterall, don’t we all have that little-soft-spot for personalisation?

* Based on the article reported by the Financial Times: http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/dedaa524-b3d3-11e4-a6c1-00144feab7de.html#axzz3URlYlac4

** Based on the article reported by Social Times:Ā http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/largest-social-networks-worldwide/504044

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