Moo’in around the world

Question: What is common between Mooketing and Water?

Answer: They both cover 70% of the world.

Just within a year ( + few months), Mooketing has reached a huge readership of 85 countries. To brings things in perspective, this means that Mooketing is read in almost 70% of the world* (Based on 122 countries with internet penetration).

This really wouldn’t be possible without all you awesome-readers! Thank you so much for your love and support <3

If you guys have any feedback about how I can improve this blog, please do let me know. You can contact me on asthakalbag07[at] (or view the about page for more details).

Till then, let’s continue to take over the world. One blog at a time.


One thought on “Moo’in around the world

  1. Congratulations Moo-master! This is fantastic news – your blog’s content is fresh and innovative, and I’m glad to know that 70% of the world thinks so too :)

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