The most Super of the Super-Bowl

The Super-Bowl-time is undeniably one of the most important ‘events’ in the advertising industry. The the average cost of a 30-second advertisement is around $4.5 million (Yeah, I know right?) makes it even more important for companies/ organisations to have a high R.O.I.

In fact, watching the super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon with many viewers only watching the game to see the commercials (that list probably includes me).

The 2015 Super Bowl has been an exciting time in the advertising industry with increased prominence to campaigns with strong social messages. Of course, I have my favourites (& so should you):

1) No More: A simple voice-over conversation left a tremendously hard-hitting-message – ‘No more domestic violence or sexual assault’. Definitely gave me the chills:

2) Coke: Coca-Cola #Madeithappy for me too. I loved how they incorporated the new trend of using digital media to actually convert people’s sadness to happiness and bring a smile to everyone’s face. After-all, Coke does open happiness :)

3) Make Safe Happen: This video was super well shot and kept me gripped right until the end. Narrating a single person’s story and having an anti-climax in just a 30 second video needed tremendous amount of skill. This video surely moved me:

It is clear that the standards set at the Super Bowl are tremendously high. Let’s hope we see a new wave of inspired creativity in the Industry for the rest of the year :)

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