Facebook for Work or Fun? (Or Both)

In my opinion, things are super-duper dramatic & exciting (with the twists and all) in just 2 places: Hollywood and Technology. You know the feeling when things change so fast and you end up like.. Whaauuutt? ( Think: Perspiration + High Heart Rate +Wide Open mouth)

Facebook just unveiled their ‘Facebook at Work’ enterprise social networking platform. Employers can create separate log-ins for employees to use with their Work accounts, or users can link these up with their other profiles to access everything in one place.

Collaboration is something that is on high priority for all organisations; and Facebook really has the potential to leverage on  its current capabilities to penetrate into the work place. However, a lot of financial institutions have banned Facebook at work and the ability to cross link their personal & work accounts might be quite counter-productive.

An Average American is reported to have spent 5 hours a day on television, I wonder if the tide will turn in favour of Facebook.

Either way, I guess we will all just Homer Simpson it out all the way :)

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