5 things you need to know about Strategic Service Leadership

‘The culture of our company makes people feel so positively about Starbucks that, without being asked to. they want to convey the attributes, the characteristics, the aspirational qualities of what we do for the customer’ -Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks.

As business models evolve to become more customer centric, service leadership has never been more important. Today, service is a ‘logic’ of conducting business and spans far beyond our traditional understanding of providing customer service across a phone line. Here are 5 things you need to know about how Service Logic can be used to create a competitive advantage through value creation and integration of business resources:

1) Dimensions of Service Quality : There are 5 key dimension of service quality – Tangibility, Empathy, Responsiveness, Reliability and Assurance.

2) Value Co-creation: Customer dominant logic is essential for value co-creation for both businesses and consumers.

3) Technology Leverage: Technology (such as smartphone apps) can be used by brands to engage customers at a deeper level thus enriching the brand experience and increasing brand growth.

4) Service Design: It is essential to manage service clues (functional, mechanic and humanic) in the Service-scape for a sustainable competitive advantage.

5) Experience Economy: Today’s customers do not buy products or services, instead – they seek positive experiences.

‘Titans of Services’ is a book about building strategic service leadership in evolving customer centric business models. The book will be launched at Singapore Management University on 27th November 2014. (Click here to register).

P.s: I have worked hard to contribute towards the development of this book and will be there at the book launch. See you!

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