The Emotional Play.

‘Cutting through the clutter’ is a phrase we have heard advertising and marketing professionals use a little too often. The new burden that consumers now feel is ’emotional clutter’ a.k.a We are just overwhelmed with brands trying to reach the insides of our hearts and rip it apart like terrorizing zombies.

I personally share a love-hate relationship with such ads. The truth is – I really do cry (& howl) over quite a few of such ads. Call me a sucker for it, or just the demographic they are ‘effectively targeting’, but I just can’t conceal my tears with imaginary foundation.

The top 3 ads that I feel really ‘zombied-my-heart-out’ + made me ‘cry-my-lungs-out’ are created for 1)True Move (Thailand)  2) Google (India)  3) Dela (Netherlands).

Let me just say, if they were coming after an audience like me, you got my attention baby. Just take care of my heart. Kthanxbye. <3

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