Just 3 Cans of Paint

Having lived in India for 18 years of my life, I surely feel the pain of portholes (read: craters) on everyday roads. As a child, during commutes, I would fake-believe that I was on a roller coaster ride while my mother would strap on her back-pain-support-belt. It was war: Our family vs the portholes. To some this might seem like an exaggeration, but to the rest of us – this is brutal reality.

Russia seems to have the same fundamental problems – roads full of holes and corrupt politicians who couldn’t care less. But in 24 hours, Ura.ru, a local newspaper got the politicians, people and ‘road filled portholes’ moving.

All it took was 3 cans of paint, digital presence and bravery. Yes, Bravery. It wasn’t just a smart-ass advertising campaign to change perception blah.blah.blah. This was a campaign for some real action, literally in people’s (politician’s) faces.

Can you believe it, it just took 3 cans of paint. Genius.

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