Kotex: The Untouched Sanitary Turf

Let’s be honest: there are just some product categories where the scope for creativity is well- quite limited. When it comes to Sanitary Napkins, every brand has some stupid blue ink test, followed by happy women in white pants jumping around like the sky was raining rainbows. I have mentally shut out all that bulls*it. You know why? Because neither does anyone wear white pants nor jump around like a hippie on drugs. 

For once, Ogilvy tried to break the paradigm by drawing on different insights for the Chinese Market. The ad describes Edward Cullen personality traits – Good-looking, Multi-personality, Gentle & Tough a.k.a Every Girl’s Dream but no one’s reality. Kotex proposes that if you cannot find these qualities in a man, at-least you can find it in a Sanitary Napkin. 

Now, I might not share such intimate,tender loving feelings for my sanitary napkin, but at least they had a point to make that was both relatable and memorable for their target audience (= girls like me). P.s: I couldn’t help but love the man getting smacked by the huge napkin. Well, that was just awesome. 

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