Shushh: 5 Secrets of Being Boss @ Content Marketing

Content marketing is like a garden of prickly roses in the digital world : Everyone wants it but too scared to touch it. After-all, everyone isn’t an Apple or Nike right? The truth is, it doesn’t take much to be boss at Content Marketing. Below are quick 5 secrets to what it takes to be Boss @ Content Marketing:

  1. Define your objectives:  What is your purpose? Are you trying to increase brand awareness, drive more sales, or build a base of brand loyal customers?

  2. Attract, Convert, Nurture:  Research your leads to understand their industry, stage in the buying cycle, company size, needs, and more. Your leads are more likely to feel connected to your brand if you create customized content that speaks to them

  3. Strategize:  Push content out across a variety of different marketing channels to reach your target audience. Determine what the message will be and how you will convey it. Always keep your ultimate goal in mind when building a full 360 degree consistent marketing campaign.

  4. Invest in dynamic content: Dynamic content is when certain aspects of your landing pages or email marketing content change based on the user’s interests to create a relevant, tailored experience. You can garner information to implement this by requesting simple online surveys be completed by your website visitors.

  5. Stay organized:  Embrace a platform like marketing automation to keep your content marketing organized and segmented. Create a detailed task list to ensure you’re thoroughly covering all steps of the process and allowing time to test and review content before it is pushed out to the public.

Wrritten in collaboration with SalesFusion, a leading marketing automation platform headquartered in Atlanta.

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